Baptiste1006 is the probably the most infamous french person on the server, only second to FuzeIII himself. He owns a town in the middle of Nowhere, Greenland named LE2CASSETOUTcity. And is most known for provoking nearby nations and being a general twat.


Baptiste royally screws with Avalon

on July 5th. MattyG2012, a resident of pee_pee_island, Avalon was peacefully exploring Arsefacey/Arzvondayle when he fell off a tower and died. Baptiste1006, who was there at the moment stole his loot that had dropped, and /t spawn’d back to his town in northern Greenland. MattyG2012 was angered, but he had an idea. He was to run up the slippery slopes of the Greenland tundra to Baptiste’s town until he got his stuff back. With him, he brought ToboCoolman2000, his big bro and ThatNerdNxtDoor, mayor of Arsefacey-Arzondayle. They teleported to a now defunct capital Kapisillit on central Greenland and began the hike northernward. They travelled many thousands of blocks before reaching Baptiste’s town; LE2CASSETOUTCITY. Baptiste was there. There was a stalemate for 2 hours as Baptiste relentlessly hid in claims, until Baptiste’s friend; Styfons came online and agreed to return MattyG2012’s items. They had succeeded. They /t spawn’d back to pee_pee_island to celebrate.

Fight against terrorism

After a period of relative peace, Baptist1006 began these provocations against the cities of Godthab, beginning with Abzorbaloff mayor of Narvik, then by the city of Ritenbenk, threatening to kill them if they do not leave the nation. President RASPUTIN54 asked for explanations, but Baptist1006 replied that he did nothing despite the evidence of the screenshoots. And after attempting a constructive discussion, he was insulted and declared the war to the whole nation. At first quite dubious about this statement that one person declares war on an entire nation, RASPUTIN54 arranged to make Baptiste1006 out of the way. A first expedition was executed by Chancellors QJWIN and Wellan__ and ended in the death of Baptist. He then fled to his home. A few days later, in order to reduce Baptist's economic potential, RASPUTIN54 and QJWIN arrived at his base. Seeing that the terrorist's house was not closed, he took the opportunity to kill all the animals at the base by the open door. Seeing these reduced economic capacity Baptist no longer connected for two weeks. Thinking that he would not come back, the town shouted victory against this villain, but it was to celebrate the party too early.

Punitive Expedition to LE2CASSETOUTcity

On October 8, Baptist again publicly insulted the citizens of Godthab, including even players who did not even know him. RASPUTIN54 asking for an apology, only answered insanities. For Godthab's president, it was too much of an affront, he called all the present members of the nation to arm himself and launched a punitive expedition against the terrorist base. Mercenary warriorrr joins the attack. It had to be done quickly, indeed Siriussim was repairing an ice road not far from the base of the bandit, without any protection. Genesis231 first arrived at the scene and quickly killed Baptist1006 for the first time. A total of 8 people arrived at the base and besieged it. Banners of the nation were placed around the base to serve as propaganda and tell this bandit, you are on the land of Godthab, under our jurisdiction. The general attack was launched and Baptist1006 was killed a second time by warriorrr using a TNT. After his second death, he took refuge in his base, the expeditionary corps launched a psychological attack by besieging the site. After that no action was possible and all the troops withdrew. Being magnanimous, RASPUTIN 54 he contacted Baptist 1006, and after a difficult discussion because of this bandit did not want to recognize these faults an armictice was concluded. Each one continued his life without provoking the other. If one of the two parties breaks this agreement, the war will resume. For the Godthab, this expedition allowed to see the reactivity of the citizens, as well as the speed of maneuvers. It provides a basis for the formation of the army, which in the future will enable it to defend itself in the event of war.


SOURCE : Godthab, Avalon

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