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Profile Information
Aliases Baron_Sigma, Baron, Boomer, Big Sig, Chief_Qief
Nation Japan
Town Shikoku
Towny Rank Nation Leader
Occupation Mod, Prime Minister of Japan, and Town Leader of Shikoku, Father
Political Party Royalist Party of Japan
Religion Beeism
Spouse An elderly Male
Discord Baron_Sigma#4917
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn July 24, 2019
Place of Spawn Siberia
Physical Information
Gender Male
Blood Type
Height 7'5"
Weight 170 Lb
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Trial Mod
Date of Ban
Nation History
Got tired of being Emperor of Shimazu so he left and came back b/c he got bored.

Qorrin is the mayor of Shikoku, a town in Japan and prime minister of Unified Japan. As a mayor within Japan, he is a Daimyo of the realm.

Prime Minister of Unified Jappan

2019-07-30 18.24.01

Yakushima Fortress, shortly after its completion

Baron_Sigma joined EMC on July 24, 2019. Although he initially joined the town of Nice, he quickly left to join the Japanese town of Kyoto. Wanting to create his own town, he was given permission by Japan's Imperial Council to settle on Yakushima, an island south of Kyushu. And so, on July 26, 2019, the town of Yakushima was founded. After founding the town, Baron_Sigma immediately began construction of Yakushima Fortress, which became his seat of power. The town of Yakushima continued to expand to the neighboring island of Tanegashima, and would soon encompass many smaller islands.

August Elections

After Emperor Synargle abdicated from the throne, elections were held to decide the next ruler of Japan. Although he intended to stay out of politics and focus on his town, Baron_Sigma found himself as a candidate in the elections, coming in third behind Arkas_King and the new Emperor, Yllalen.

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