Barvaux (Formerly known as CaptianCaliber) is the current mayor of Nice and is a notable architect within EarthMC.



Barvaux, also known as Caliber, Captain, and Cap after his previous IGN CaptianCaliber, first joined the server on May 14th of 2019, during the height of the flooding era. As he did not have priority for some time, he was forced to wait for hours in the queue just to join. Unlike many others who joined during this time however, Caliber would somehow keep his sanity and save up to create a town, which he decided to make in France, due to Europe being a very active region in EarthMC.


Caliber would go on to found the town of Toulon on the Mediterranean Sea, which would later be renamed to Nice . He spent a lot of time perfecting Nice, though the process was slow because he did not recruit much and had to gather supplies, mine gold, and build all at the same time. His efforts in Nice however, paid off as it is one of the most beautiful towns in EarthMC.

Architectural Projects

Although Caliber spent most of his time building structures in Nice, there are many projects he worked on outside of Nice for the French Empire such as the Palace of Versailles, the Cliffs of Etretat, and the Mont-St-Michel.

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