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The Battles of Cherchell were a series of battles fought at the town later capital of Algeria, Cherchell. They were largely provoked due to the fact the town was situated in Spanish territory.

Cause of Conflict

Border Break

Cherchell joined Caesariensis instead of Spain after its creation, despite being in Spains territory. Spain, not liking this, asked for the removal of the town from Caesariensis. After that was refused, the first attacks began.

The Battles

First Battle

The first battle started after a few spanish players and Fijiloopins went over to attack the residents of Cherchell. They succeded in killing a few however due to claimhiding and boredom the battle quickly ended.

Second Battle

This battle gained more foreign attention, with many people from a lot of nations coming and fighting each other. Not much different happened, just a few deaths and consistent fighting.

Third Battle

This battle attracted Nubians, which later became the major force backing Cherchell, later Algeria. In this battle, around 5 Nubians died with no deaths for Spain, however it is to be noted only one Nubian died with god gear.

Secession of Cherchell

Tired of zero support from Caesariensis, Cherchell saved up for a nation and declared independence. It was later found out that Nubia had funded this, which permanently strained Spanish Nubian relations, causing them to be hostile and skirmish around Algeria for the coming days and weeks.


By the end of June, the conflict had gone stale. With the inactivity of Algeria, Spain no longer had to attack. Rather, Nubia and Spain are constantly seen arguing in chat and occasionally fighting it out somewhere in Africa.