Shortly after the Brazilian government heard the news about Monte Pascual being disbanded, Brazilians soon started to reclaim Rio and invite the old towns of Monte Pascoal to their Nation.

Shortly after the fall of Rio, players across many Nations rushed to loot the city, the Brazilian Army was sent to attack Rio de Janeiro with help from Byzantine Soldiers (gui_mw3, Carlos_Eduardo and Offtechdegamer). At first around 4 British Soldiers held the city, guarding it from thieves, following the orders of xenomorph07(Rio's original owner). The British army mistook the Brazilians for thieves, coming to loot Rio De Janeiro. The British held the city for 10 minutes but they eventually gave up. then, 2 Danish Soldiers arrived at the city and fought a furious battle with the Brazilian troops which lasted for hours.

Again, as seen in the Siege of Hyderabad, some Brazilian troops were unprovided with decent gear, falling in battle whenever trying to take down the heavy armored danish opponents. Some Byzantine soldiers managed to kill the invaders and inflict heavy damage.

After hours of battle with heavy Brazilian casualties, the two Danish soldiers decided to give up and leave the city. Despite losing many items and lifes within Battle, Brazil celebrated the end of the fight, being able to keep its city alive and safe and reunifying the country once and for all.

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