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The battle of Abrantes was a battle between Spain and Portugal during the Iberian war.

How it began

The battle began when the town of Abrantes was planted by Spain in Portugal. Spanish forces hid their selves behind a tree as Portugal tried entering Abrantes with an army of 5-6 men. Portugal lost 3 men and was pushed back to the bridge, the battle ended with only 2 Portuguese soldiers left fighting, which eventually also left.


At the end of the day, there was another fight in Lisbon, Spain lost as British forces arrived, the Portuguese casualties are unknown, Spain lost 3 men.

The next day (10-11-2019)

The next day Portugal attacked Abrantes with only the mayor being there, they built a huge cobble monster, the mayor then surrendered and joined Portugal, receiving gold and materials.


Spanish forces hiding behind a tree, waiting for Portuguese forces

The battle begins

Middle of the battle

Spain victory