Before The Battle

After the siege of Mosul most of the forces who fought had left to go back to there towns and recover or go back to living their normal lives, although the llamaist crusaders continued to fight, spotting goober_bang on the dynmap at Al_Hasakah they decided to go back to the town to try and seek revenge.

The Battle

2 llamaist crusaders met up at the town and began to swarm around goober_bang, later into the battle another isis citizen, watergod came to assist his fellow terrorist, the battle lasted around 5 or so minutes of running around the small town, digging holes to trap them and pour lava as well as stab them with swords and shoot them with arrows, watching this was another llamaist, although present did not do much actual fighting, by this point 1 of the 2 llamaist had died as the battle was coming to a close, a few minutes later the next one soon died, ending the battle.

In conclusion

ISIS won the battle just as they had at Mosul, although not nearly as lopsided, it has come to the attention of those who had fought in the 2 battles that ISIS is much stronger than previously thought.

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