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The Battle of Arensburg was battle between Terra Mariana and 2 raiders battle which took place in Arensburg on September 13th 2019.


Terra Mariana Raiders
  • ondrag1 (had god armor)
  • Alan_Lime (had god armor)
  • UniBraDa (had half god armor)
  • 2 more soldiers (had protection 3 armors)
  • Warriorr (had god armor + potions)
  • Warriorr's friend (had god armor + potions)


The area where the battle took place

Before the battle

Raiders were killing people at Terra Mariana's nation spawn. UniBraDa noticed the situation and got attacked by Warriorr so ondrag1 decided to gather up the Terra Mariana army to the location. Soon ondrag1 ordered an attack against those raiders.

The beginning of the battle

At first Terra Mariana troops were heavily pushed back to claims over and over since the enemies were using TNT.

A change in the situation

UniBraDa managed to stop raiders to plant TNT and managed to even steal some of them. At that point Alan_Lime managed to get Warriorr to follow him so his friend remained alone and all 5 Terra Mariana soldiers attacked him at the same time. The fight wasn't easy and 2 soldiers died but finally ondrag1 managed to kill him. After Warriorr returned, UniBraDa used his TNT to create a hole where Warriorr was trapped. Terra Mariana soldiers just hit him with swords shot at him with bows. Soon later, Warriorr managed to get out from the hole, but because of the loss of many potions and of his friend, Warriorr accepted to leave the nation spawn.