Reason of the battle

18th of November 2018 Romanians attacked polish capital Gdansk with 32gold at the head. The leader of Romania heat1804 asked for a peace and he said that he will pay symbolic 15 gold of war reparations. Despite this, Romania didn't pay Poland and they didn't want to do this. Polish government decided to attack Bucharest and force a payment.

The course of the battle

Poles with General MlecznySernik at the head gathered in Constantinople and from there they went to Turnovo and finally to Bucharest. heat1804 saw kacp222 and bartek50b. The battle has started. heat1804 was killed as the first person in this battle by bartek50b. Later the battle moved to the entrance to the city. Romanians died a lot of times. After some time Adolf_Hitlar came to Bucharest to support Romanians at war. Poles were fighting very well, but after long fights one of them - patryk425 died. Later king of Poland xHyper20 died too. Romanians didn't want to surrender despite all the time they died. Finally Romanians stopped leaving the city to fight and Poles returned to Poland celebrating the victory. It was of a few battles of the Polish-Romanian War and one of the biggest battles on EarthMC.



There is a video about this battle which you can watch on YouTube!
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