Initial Stages

The start of the battle happened where the Budapest-Chlebmiasto road was being built. KingVarin had stumbled across Lasthonour and had killed him, this sparked off a chain reaction leading to a battle. After the murder, KingVarin escaped but without much loot.

The Beginning of the Battle

Around the completion of the road, KingVarin had returned with a friend (Chessnut). A minor conflict began and Lasthonour was attacked and killed by the two. He tried to call Franz for help while Franz was building the road. Franz was at a disadvantage, but managed to survive until reinforcements arrived.

The Battle

Both sides brought more soldiers, until there were around 10-20 people in the battle. The fight was fierce and on the Silesian side causalities were high. During the battle Somerset's troops dug out plots primarily in order to annoy the Silesians. Eventually the battle became so fierce that both sides started to be drained of their morale. The battle started to fizzle out.

The End of the Battle

By the end of the battle both sides were tired. The soldiers of Somerset started to leave the battle while also killing some Silesians in their way. In conclusion, the Somersets had gained a minor victory. They caught the defenders off guard who didn't have much time to prepare and the defenders were losing in the first stages of the battle. They had taken an approx. 3 sets of diamond gear and a lot of spare tools that Lasthonour, who was drained of any real fighting weapons, was using to fight until the end of the battle with.

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