The Battle of East Kraftier started after Daniel10a toggled PvP in East Kraftier after ArcaPlays and 57starkiller fell into the city while watching him. It started around 4:05 AM EDT and ended around 5:15 AM EDT. After about 15-20 minutes of fighting, the battle moved west to Kraftier, where the rest of the battle took place. kobiKraft was seen to be toggling PvP on in the city to be able to attack. A video was recorded and posted onto youtube from the battle[1]

Players on Kobi's Side

  • kobiKraft
  • Daniel10a
  • JordanCrafter18
  • MyTotoro200
  • Brobbo41

Players on 57starkiller's Side

  • 57starkiller
  • ArcaPlays
  • Nopnop100


57gorky attempted to stop the battle and failed multiple times before kobi's side gave up and everyone went to El Obeid. The players against Kobi (57starkiller, ArcaPlays, and Nopnop100), all became outlaws in Kraftier. A ceasefire was also created.

On July 26, 2020, peace was made through a verbal agreement, thus ending the battle

Screenshot 69

A screenshot taken by 57starkiller after the agreement was reached with kobiKraft

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