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The Battle of Fiji was a failed raid on the infamous Fiji spawntrap.


Rising Tensions

Throughout February 16th of 2020, tensions between the server population and Fiji had reached a dramatic point. The island nation was a notorious spawntrap, and one player - namely caityy_spencee - was abusing it, despite not controlling the island. Constant outrage was brewing for some time, and plans were being made to destroy the nation once it was fully abandoned.

Server Volunteers

One player, XtraBling, had scouted the island for around 2 hours prior to combat, and was instrumental in planning. In the evening of that day, Random people in Vanuatu began gathering forces for a full invasion of the island, Ka9l was building a skyscraper with Mochoimochi at Vanuatu when the invasion began. Additional volunteers soon arrived to begin the raid, owing to the server's zealous nature. These included 2 from the South Texan town of Site-19, Amoowashere and the aforementioned XtraBling. In addition, one volunteer from Svalbard, Santacruiser, joined late equipped with weak weapons, and another player joined carrying potions. Finally, a player from Zerena arrived, equipped with god weapons, named IAmSen223. The attack began around 1:00AM EST.


Initial Problems and Rapid Success

Problems occurred immediately - both volunteers from the Rio Grande had turned incorrectly and travelled to the peaceful island town of Suva, resulting in potion intake being lost, in addition to the volunteer from Svalbard. Because of losing these initial troops, the initial assault was disconnected. Despite this, Sen and other volunteers rapidly achieved a breach, and caityy retreated to safe chunks outside of the trap.

The Betrayal of Zerena

As caityy had been removed from the spawntrap, the raid was initially considered a success until further players moved into the structure. IAmSen223 began attacking a nearby player, leading to a constant brawl between the two. Santacruiser attempted to collect loot from what was originally believed to be a co-conspirator with caityy(she later denied this), and was quickly attacked and killed. A breaking point in tension came when King Ka9l attempted to breach the structure, and was killed by Sen. Following this failed breach, the raid gradually lost momentum as Sen, according to Ka9l, "became a spawntrapper". Eventually, all forces dispersed, and the raid ended as a dramatic Vanuatan failure.


Following the Battle of Fiji, Vanuatu declared cold war on Zerena for their betrayal in battle. Multiple god tools and other notable accessories were lost to both Fiji and Zerena after the battle.