German New Guinea was settled in Wilhelmsland by Zsui_Zipz and Investgate311 on 1/14/19. They agreed to become apart of New Guinea and own the upper peninsula of West Papua as a semi autonomous region. On 1/16/19 Herbertshhe was settled by Investgate311.

The Battle

2 Prussian men Caillouminati and Ultil0l showed up to Herbertshhe offering to either join Prussia or die. Investgate311 offered to die. The battle started with the native German New Guinean Investgate311 losing against the two invaders. After a run to the border separating German New Guinea and New Guinea the native German teamed up with the native New Guinean Highlander214 to fight the invaders. The first Prussian Caillouminati was immediately pushed into the ocean and was severely injured, and he later retreated. While the other Prussian Ultil0l failed his attack being the only death.


GG's were exchanged and the battle ended with no territory changes.

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