GRE-Turkish relations have been quite declining recently. Many diplomatic failures, mainly on Turkish side, resulted in war between these two nations. This battle, started as a minor conflict in the town of Matrega, a Turkish town violating Theodoro borders, a GRE province. Diocletianovich, a Roman senator, tried to persuade Tellomanjr, the mayor of Matrega, to either leave Turkey as its violating international affairs, or pay tax in gold. Tellomanjr ignored both proposals, so he called upon TurkDarthJoker to help him.

Short Matrega Conflict

At Matrega,TurkDarthJoker was stationed in claims, while shooting arrows weakly to incite a conflict. Romans on the other hand saw this as pointless and ridiculous act and decided to push back on a safe distance, to prepare before the real battle occurs.

Battle of Kerch

The battle officially started at the Kerch bridge, a small 5 block wide stone bridge that connects Theodoro and the fallen town of Kerch. It was just one string of a moment before the real conflict began. At the bridge were situated 3 GRE warriors (Diocletianovich, fritzstick and YellowVictini), while the Turkish forces arrived with 2 warriors (TurkDarthJoker and FzU, while Tellomanjr retreated).

The first stage involved a classic pvp battle, all soldiers on both sides used god swords and god armour, with an exception of TurkDarthJoker and fritzttick, who also used a god bows.

The second stage involved Turks putting various blockades on the bridge, which wasn't a big problem for the Romans. Franz_Ferdinand has also joined the battle in favor of the Romans, helping them all the way through the end. It ended up being a 4v2 but GRE and Franz kept getting knocked into claims since the Turkish forces were using knockback. YellowVictini had to retreat for some time, but ended up coming back. In the meantime, the Turks ravaged whole area around that bridge just to provoke the Romans (even though that helped in warning FzU and TurkDarthJoker). More than halfway through the battle, FzU's Helmet worn off, so he retreated, but so did YellowVictini's helmet, except he fought until the very end.

The third stage and the final one involved TurkDarthJoker's retreat. He was was scared of the romans superiority, therefore ran like a coward. After FzU escaped, TurkDarthJoker quickly after realised he did not stand a chance against the mighty Roman forces. He pushed back massively, while running around on low health, trying to escape. He eventually teleported to his town, Ankara, because of merciful Roman soldiers.

The Aftermath

During the overall conflict, both sides haven't suffered big material casualties, except griefed land near Theodoro.

As a result of ravaged land at the Kerch bridge, TurkDarthJoker and FzU both got warned for material damage and griefing. That lead to tempban of FzU for 1 day.

Romans successfully defended themselves against the enemy.

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