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Alek run in to claims

Battle of Mazovia


Place of battle

The battle began with a small 2 person raid to Tarnopol, due to the lack of defense raid moved to the capital of Poland, Warsaw. Then one Pole started attacking Danish soldiers but he was pushed back to the claims, he called for help poles on discord and then a few Polish troops arrived (mainly by 300 person queue), the battle started against the Danes who were losing, then they called alek to help and their allies. Poles are coming back to claims and calling allies too. Then the great battle started. The warriors of two sides fought very well, which resulted in rare deaths but frequent changing of armor and potions which weakened the equipment of both sides, after 30 minutes of battle Danes retreated to Krakow (old Lodz) and teleported to Copenhagen for new god armor, potions and allies. Poles thought it was the end of the battle and celebrated the victory, but the Danish forces returned with better equipment and warriors. The battle lasted for almost 5 hours, and during the entire battle the composition of the warriors changed several times. Only 3 people remained at the end of the battle. After a long time without fighting, they returned to their cities

Major deaths

Polish side: EggzOnToast

Dymoslaw in battle (picture taken by EggzOnToast)


Picture of FranzFerdinand_ (used to be known as EggzOnToast) being shot by the Danish army

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