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The Battle of Monte Lucii was a medium sized battle right outside Monte Lucii, with small fighting in Auvergne and Colmar.


At Colmar

LegoVK had arrived near Colmar, due to wanting to explore the ruins of a town he had once been in. However, he took noticed of obamaiscool420 being outside of claims, alongside Vladie57. He killed Vladie57, and before he could kill obamaiscool, he ran into claims. MapleVK came over, and the two spent 30 minutes trying to kill obamaiscool. They got many hits, however in the end obamaiscool logged off, ending the Skirmish of Colmar.

Main Battle

Monte Lucii

After this, MapleVK left the scene. However LegoVK stayed, and was attacked by a group of around 5-7 french players, who brought him down to 1 heart before he reached Monte Lucii. MapleVK arrived to help, and a battle started at the southern part of the town. LegoVK and MapleVK were standing outside of claims, while the French soldiers resorted to come out for a few seconds to hit them, or throw potions. At this point, many French soldiers were getting low, and after 25 minutes of back and forth fighting, the French dispersed.

Back at Colmar

Three French soldiers were spotted near Colmar 5 minutes after the main battle ended. LegoVK quickly killed two of them, while MapleVK killed one.


At Auvergne

At this point, the pvp had stopped. __Tomm and Joe05 also arrived, however no one died at this point as everyone was walking in Auvergne, waiting for a French resident to slip out of claims. However this did not happen, and everyone dispersed after 20 minutes.

French Reaction

Right after, Belgium declared war on Britain. Many French members took Straw_inturtles, mayor of Carcassonne, as a supporter of the British soldiers. He was accused of helping them, although he arrived near the end of Auvergne occupation. He was then banned from the French discord by Thanamos. Belgium later retracted the war declaration.