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This is based off a book by ImperialFishy called... well the battle of Nantes

It was back in early December 2018 in the Franco-Perpinan War

"It was a rather normal day in the French city of Nantes with theking7474 and ImperialFishy hard at work building up the barely month old town. There are two new residents, Socyu and Matisz who are also trying to find their feet.

Socyu has experienced the war first hand by being imprisoned by Pengun on only his second day in France. ImperialFishy and theking7474 helped him escape by making Pengun believe he isn't a french citizen and thus avoiding the 50G bail.

So on this particular day Matisz was chopping down trees in the Nantes tree farm, today the location of the great Nantes cathedral, when suddenly Pengun attacked from the shadows. The french feared him and his fellow trisexuals, 32Gold and Slaid.

Matisz immediately sounded the alarm and the four citizens in Nantes quickly gathered their gear to fight the intruder. Unfortunately Pengun was equipped with god armor and weapons, as well as potions to aid him. The french on the other hand had badly enchanted diamond gear.

At first Pengun had the upper hand in this 4v1 with the french trying to find their feet. Socyu had no armor and did suicide runs with a lava bucket to try and damage Pengun's armor. Matisz died early in the battle and also resorted to lava as he had lost his plain diamond gear.

With theking7474 and ImperialFishy's continued efforts and with the help of strategic lava placing Pengun was forced to retreat as his health was getting low as well as his supplies.

The invader was temporarily chased away but many more bloody and utterly catastrophic battles would come."