As a preemptive battle effort, Pres was sent to construct a fort north of Prilep. After successfully finishing the fort, 2 Albanian forces arrived, Hampusk8 and 610sixten. They tried to attack Pres whilst he was in the fort, but were unsuccessful in their attempts. While holding up in the fort, reinforcements were sent from Constantinople to aide Pres. CorruptedGreed, YellowVictini, and Voisardian soon made it to the fort. Upon their arrival, the Albanian forces withdrew back into the town of Prilep. After a couple ten minutes of the Byzantines firing down on the town from the fort, the Albanian forces dispersed. 610sixten logged off of the server, and Hampusk8 teleported out of the town. The Byzantine troops maintained their presence in Prilep for a few minutes, before intelligence came in regarding the location of Hampusk8. This battle leads directly into the Siege of Tirana.

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