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The Battle of Pursat was a battle fought outside the Kampuchean town of Pursat between Commonwealth and Kampuchean forces on 2 June 2020.


After the Battle of Bangkok where one Siamese soldier died, Fluxify I was called a coward by Computer_x64 for not logging on during the battle despite being asleep at the time. Fluxify I woke up early in an attempt to win a battle against Kampuchea.

Lumpoon went over to Pursat and began harassing Dtosic at the town. Computer began making his way over to Pursat in an attempt to kill Lumpoon. Siamese forces then began making their way over which begun the battle.


The battle begun with the Siamese holding a 4:1 advantage over the Kampuchean's. Computer_x64 appeared at the battle soon after and the Kampuchean's were being cautious about pushing the Siamese due to their semi-god armour not being enough protection.

During the fighting, Phil_Grae joined the battle and quickly died twice to Fluxify I. Commonwealth forces began arriving aiding the Siamese. Dtosic, who had been fighting the battle since the beginning, died to Fluxify I and then again to Bravoxd. The leader of Kampuchea, Computer_x64 was slain by Lumpoon and then killed by IsabelleIzzy.


With Majority of the Kampuchean soldiers killed at least once, Siam and their allies declared victory over the Kampuchean's. The battle ended after majority of the Kampuchean's had no more armour to fight and eventually logged off.

The Battle of Pursat was one of the biggest battles fought during The Kampuchean War.

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