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The Battle of Ram Ranch was a military conflict between the Great Moravian Empire and Byzantium that lasted from 6/1/2019 at ~3AM to ~5AM GMT+2.

Strength of the armies:

  • GME
  1. zebbs_
  • Byzantium:
  1. From 3-8 people, numbers may vary. (if you fought in the battle pls dm me @zeb#0001)


  • GME:
  1. None.
  • Byzantium:
  1. At least 20 killed, one combat logged 4 times, almost every combatant ran into claims to heal/leave.

First casualty of the conflict being _S64_ who died near Albania.

The Battle of Ram Ranch nicknamed "The battle of Epic" was an conflict started by the Great Moravian Empire with the goal to stop the rapid expansion of Byzantium and protect Albania and other free Balkan States (also stealing loot). It took place in Ram Ranch, as the name suggests, the capital of Austria-Hungary in 4 "waves" which were pauses in the fighting to refill potions and repair armor, zebbs_ the main and only combatant of the GME being the main cause of these pauses in the fighting since he didn't have infinite durability.

The conflict ended in a GME victory, although it was just a small dent into Byzantium since no real loot was lost.

Everything ended because of a paragon of peace, someone who saw the best in a dire situation, FutureCW who filled up the lake in Ram Ranch with boats, ceasing all hostilities and causing a Byzantine retreat.

  • Notable quotes:

"You clearly lack a comprehension of foreign relations."

"You are going to cause a war" -Florene when having heard of the conflict.

"That's the point" -zebbs_ responding to Florene