Battle of Thessalia

Turkish raids on Byzantines

Turkey and the GRE have had multiple on and off conflicts since the founding of turkey, as of recently, conflict had begun to rise as turkish raiders have been going around attacking undefended towns against unprepaired byzantines.

Previous raid on Thessalia

2 days before the battle, 2 turkish raiders joined the town of thessalia, looted chests and killed all the horses.

The battle

on october 5th 2019 around 9am EST 2 turkish citizens arrived outside the borders of Thessalia, the mayor, Jmills_ confronted them and combat began, Jmills_, being unprepaired, made multiple trips inside the town to grab supply to fight against the turks, halfway throughout the battle, another byzantine citizen, from Athens who was unarmed, was spotted and killed by a turk known as superaktif, resulting in the only casualty of the battle.

the conclusion

after more than a half hour of fighting, as the mayor of thessalia went to grab more supplies to defend the town, the 2 turkish raiders decided to leave.

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