The Battle of the Gulf of Siam was a decisive Siamese victory during The Cambodian War.

After Siam's attack at the Battle of Phnom Penh on October 6th, Cambodia began scouting out the Gulf of Siam.

An engagement of forces began and eventually Siam banished Cambodia from the Gulf of Siam.

After the battle, Siam accused Cambodia to be hacking which was later found true on the 9th as they were banned for using hacked clients, ending The Cambodian War and Cambodia was returned to Vietnam.

Orders of the Battle


Cambodia was looking to raid as much towns all over Siam and planned to start in the Gulf of Siam before anywhere else. This was in revenge to the Battle of Phnom Penh which Siam instigated against them.


Siam realizing that they were trying to raid towns wanted to defend towns in the Gulf and drive the Cambodian's out of the Gulf altogether.


First Phase

Cambodia began their plan and started to grief Pattaya with dirt in the unclaimed sections of the town, they then tried to move to Bangkok which failed as the Siamese forces then counter-attacked when the Cambodian forces split themselves up. Facing a unsuspected attack, Cambodia retreated and went South away from the coast.

Second Phase

Cambodia then tried to attack the capital again which was counter-attacked again by Siam, outnumbered Siam held the Cambodian's back. Siam delayed the battle which made the Cambodian's bored which is where Siam attacked and drove out of the Gulf of Siam.


Siam managed to push back the Cambodian's and then managed to push them out of the Gulf of Siam using unsuspecting tactics and delay against them.

At the point of the second phase, King Fluxify I of Siam realized that the Cambodian's may have been using cheat clients to try and win the battle which was later found true on the 9th of October when the two soldiers involved in the battle were both banned for using cheat clients.

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