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The Battles of Pomerania took place in the cities of Allenstein and Gdańsk from 15:56 CET to 16:55 CET on 18th November. The defending side was consisting of the Polish army and two danish soldiers while 3 soldiers were fighting on Romanian side.

Before the battles

This picture was taken shortly after the beginning of the battle. Notice the chat

On November 18, at 15:50, the transport of a cow from Königsberg to Allenstein arrived. Shortly after 32Gold and Pengun78 from Romania came to the Danish city, claiming that their leader is toxic. Shortly before this 32Green user image in chat, and Fenzenyatta called him toxic in a global chat. 32Gold and Pengun78 threatened the mayor Allenstein with a release. Shortly after, Polish troops arrived in the town of Allenstein.

Picture of the dynmap taken during the Battle of Allenstein

Battles of Allenstein

The polish army consisting of Hacuspl, Snowyy4K, xHyper20 arrived in Allenstein at 15:56 CET. Two minutes after, FenZenyatta arrived to help the polish army in defending the danish town of Allenstein. As the battle went on, 32Gold died many times to the Polish-Danish forces while Pengun78 managed to stay alive for a long time through retreating when being at low health. It is not sure if any polish or danish fighter died during this battle.  At around 16:20 both sides got reinforcements. The Polish-Danish side got help from doriendragon, gato3, VaPoo_ and kacp222 while the Romanian side got Alberto__ on their side. The reinforcements really helped the defending side, letting them win every battle in that town.

Battle of Gdansk

After 40 minutes of fighting in Allenstein, many soldiers went back to their towns to get resupplied. Suddenly 32Gold appeared in the Polish capital, Gdansk and he called in every pole to fight him there. The polish side ended up with most victories and after 20 minutes, the battle ended. The attackers ended up leaving and the poles were celebrating their victory.