Beta Era (October 19th - 28th) <---- Beginning Era (November 1st - December [1st - 14th; still being debated]) ----> Hype Era (Date)

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  • November 1st - Server is released, Era Begins

The nation of: United States is created

  • November 4th -
  • November 5th -

The nations of: Aotearoa, Luzon Empire, Korea, Denmark and Sweden are created

  • November 6th -

The nations of: Wabanaki_South, Australia, Uganda and Texas are created

  • November 12th -

The nation of Panama is created

  • November 13th

The nation of the Kingdom of Oyo was created

  • November 18th

Kcodugall, mayor of Hong Kong is banned for cheat client

Around this time, MLGTerra abdicated from the French throne, founding ISIS (date to be clarified)

  • November 19th

The Korban Canal was created. Stretching from Lagos to Houmt Souk, the largest canal made on the server resulting in a direct route from the Mediterranean to the Gulf of Guinea.

  • November 28th

The nation of: California is created.

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