The town of Belfast, established on the 22nd of December 2018, is the most developed and second most populated town in Ireland. The city is in Britain with Seranil as its mayor.


Belfast is a British town in Ireland founded on the 22nd of December 2018. Its original mayor was ChiefNick which was then followed by Palestina, and then was passed down to Jooey and in August of 2019 it was passed down to GazerBazer. He quickly turned it into a town that produced kelp and sold it in his shop in London, Kwick Kelp. Between August and December Belfast remained small and inactive. Then on the 16th of December, Seranil joined the town with the goal of helping Gazer make it into an active and nice looking town. On the 4th of March Gazer gave the town to Seranil so he could move to Somalia with the many Scots who recently did the same.


Some notable buildings in Belfast include:

  • Belfast City Hall

Notable People

People of note in Belfast include:

  • Seranil
  • trinitythree
  • 32Cragno
  • (former) Macintosh99

The Belfast Cleanup

In December 2019, a long and arduous process of tearing down all that existed in the town began. Palestina, a former player of EarthMC, tore down almost all man-made objects. He terraformed the land and the ocean surrounding the town and partially filled in the terrain. Apart from the tens of hours spent on the process, it was achieved with help from FutureLemon, who contributed with a lot of tools and resources that were vital to the success of the process.


  • Belfast has always been a part of Britain with a short moment of being in Eire.
  • Kwick Kelp sponsored the 2019 EarthMC PvP Tournament.
  • There used to be a complete city build there, but it fell into ruins and it was all removed by Palestina for the next Mayor to take care of it and make it prosperous again.
  • Palestina initiated the Belfast Cleanup as a final project to conclude his time on EarthMC before leaving to pursue other interests.
  • Seranil revamped the city into a much cleaner, nicer looking town.
  • Belfast has more British ministers than any other city in the nation.
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