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Bermuda is a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic

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founded by AfroOrbz. Having no land to build upon, the founder decided to build an entire town into a giant skyscraper in the middle of the ocean.

Bermuda remains isolated and ignored from the world. Occasionally receiving visitors from travelers crossing the Atlantic Ocean. They often grief our walls and leave boats all over our shoreline >_>

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The town of Bermuda has no relations with other towns nor nations. Mayor AfroOrbz

wants Bermuda to remain isolationist and not interfere with any political turmoil going on around the map.

Nation History

After the founding of Bermuda, the founder wanted Bermuda to remain an independent town. After needing raw materials to build the skyscraper town from all over the map we have decided to join a nation. Bermuda set its eyes on the UK. Soon finding out we aren't qualified to join because of our distance from London. Bermuda then looked towards North America. Bermuda joined United_States in December 2018 until it collapsed. After the collapse, Bermuda remained independent town for about two months until more raw materials were needed. Bermuda then joined New England in April 2019

In August 2019 Bermuda joined Virginia.

Bermuda is looking forward to full independence sometime in the future.


Level 1: Market and Lobby (Not Finished)

Level 2: Tree Farm

Level 3: Livestock

Level 4: Crops Farm

Level 5: Housing

Level 6: Stadium/Garden (Comming Soon)

Level 7: Luxury Housing / Automatic Farms (Comming Soon)

Level 8: Town Hall / Military / Storage (Comming Soon)

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