BetaPlain is the current leader of Portland, Cascadia at the time of writing this.


Early History

The Trip to Alaska

BetaPlain joined the server on 28th June 2019. While sitting in the queue, he planned out his new adventure. He quickly went on the server map and found an uninhabited bay area in Alaska. BetaPlain eventually waited out the queue and spawned in the real-life country of Mongolia.

It was late at night and BetaPlain was on his computer, running halfway across the entire map. When he reached the nation of Spain, he came to a realization: He could respawn somewhere else.

Shortly after the realization, he drowned himself in the Atlantic Ocean, and he was surprised to find that he respawned near Chicago. After quickly exploring Chicago he quickly continued his journey.

When he reached Cascadia, he was surprised to find a small highway system. Eventually, BetaPlain boated to what is now Newburn. BetaPlain was determined to start his town. He started a small mineshaft in the nearby mountain and started searching for gold. He voted every day and stored the gold in a chest under his mine.

The Raidings and Start

Eventually, an unknown player came to the shaft BetaPlain was in and killed him. After the unknown player was unable to find any items that were useful, he broke the chests he could find and ran away. BetaPlain was only able to save 1/4 of his items that day.

Only a week later two players came South from Koyuk and slaughtered BetaPlain twice. They did not steal any items.

Eventually, BetaPlain started his first town, Newburn, with 64 gold. BetaPlain started a discord server for his town and created a history channel where he described in detail each important event of his time in EarthMC and the town Newburn.


Eventually, BetaPlain was able to invite player RyanMarray222 (or something like that) to his town. This would mark the first resident of Newburn. Shortly after, BetaPlain invited a new player called Irre1evancy. BetaPlain was very lucky to be able to invite such an active townsperson. Irre1evancy went on to construct the Newburn Mine on Tuesday, 30th July 2019.

The Rabbits

Newburn seemed to be a place for rabbits to spawn, hence five recorded rabbits spawning in the town since its start. BetaPlain found a rabbit and named it Jody. He went to Madagascar to purchase a lead and brought the rabbit to Irre1evancy's house. (unclaimed)

Player UnbatedAura came to Newburn himself and greeted BetaPlain, saying "This town has a lot of potential". This eventually led to BetaPlain sharing secrets with him when Unbated asked.

The two players who slaughtered BetaPlain before the town was created came once again and killed Jody the Rabbit. Not a week later, they came again and slaughtered both Irre1evancy and BetaPlain.

On 16th August 2019, a player named Sepnupuas scammed BetaPlain and joined Newburn. He stole lapis blocks, Redstone, and diamonds from Irre1evancy's property. When he was done, Sepnupuas attempted to kill BetaPlain but he managed to flee inside claims. Sepnupuas attempted to explode TNT outside BetaPlain's town but failed. He only managed to explode one out of his two, and the land that exploded BetaPlain cleaned up. Sepupuas then went inside BetaPlain's nether portal and started exploding TNT on the Nether side. When BetaPlain entered the portal he died.

Eventually, BetaPlain managed to find another rabbit and named it Keith. He hid Keith inside town claims.

Both rabbits would later get graves in the Newburn Cemetary, however, the cemetery has since been torn down due to space issues.

Irre1evancy Leaves

Irre1evancy eventually left and BetaPlain constructed a new home for them. It was the first townhouse in Newburn and possibly Alaska, and the house was situated on Main Street.

Irre1evancy eventually came back and was surprised to see the new townhouse built by BetaPlain. Irre1evancy thanked BetaPlain and a few weeks later quit the server for good.

You can continue with the story on the Newburn page.


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