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Birbism is a religion that worships the Birb, their holy figure.


The king of Svalbard, Bobberson, was strolling around in Svalbard when he saw a birb descending from the skies. The skies were glowing and the birb descended, giving Bobberson the Holy Seed. After this, Bobberson immediately began construction of the Birb Church, to worship the birb. Parrots and alike are considered holy. Any use of this religion before Bobberson is unknown.


Equivalent to an in real life pope, the Borb is a role given to the founder, Bobberson. Basically the Pope.

Equivalent to a Saint or Bishop, Birbs own Churches or have helped in Birbism in a significant way

Regular followers of the religion, go to Birbism churches to worship

How to Worship

Ways to worship birb:

  1. Find a church to go to
  2. If you cant find any, try making one yourself
  3. Get a parrot, worship it
  4. If that doesnt work, then idk, just worship birb


  • Longyearbyen (n spawn Svalbard, head east, on ur right)
  • Birb Reddsman Church (Lofoten)


The Royal Birb CouncilRoyal Council
One of many birb deitiesFire Birb God
Another deityAnother Deity
Screenshot (237).pngWater Birb God