Metropolis of Birdsville, is the Capital of Commonwealth of Diamantina and a Metropolis State located in Central Australia, as known as having the highest population in history in Australia. Metropolis of Birdsville is one of the main town in the Project of Central Australian Megalopolis.


Potbelly created the town Birdsville first in late March, and then sold to Siri1kw with 32g. Soon, Siri1kw started leading the town and it grows rapidly. After Birdsville reached 100 residents, Siri1kw sold the town and the town started to fall. After Siri1kw came back he choose to develop the industries inside the town but not recruiting much.

Foreign Relationships

Friendly Cities:

- Cooma (Beresford)

- Albruy (Australia)

- Birdsville West (Diamantina)

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