On the 13th November 2018, 2 citizens of Bornholm were seen in the Polish town Gdansk. The local Polish population didn't like the presence of the Bornholm(ers) and decided that chasing them away would be the best solution to get them to leave. The "invaders" quickly returned to their boats and sailed back to Bornholm. 3 brave Polish men started to follow them, the poles quickly encircled the island of Bornholm. The citizens of Bornholm did little to nothing to stop them; some just stood on the walls staring at the attacking Poles.

After 1 of the Poles had to go because of school, the second Pole also quickly left, seeing the enemy's advantage. The mayor of Bornholm quickly saw his chance to kill one of the Poles that now were completely alone, however, he fled the scene.

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