Profile Information
Nation Klondike
Town Watson Lake
Towny Rank Mayor
Occupation Mayor, former exotic dancer
Political Party
Discord roses#0586
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn December 12, 2020
Place of Spawn
Physical Information
Nationality Australian
Gender Female
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Inactive and banned
Server Role
Date of Ban Mid April, 2021
Reason Unknown (influenced by personal bias from mods)
Nation History

BluePanther26 was a player and mayor of Watson Lake in Klondike. She was also a notable singer in EarthMC's discord community. She was active from December 12, 2020 when her friend Mlecz told her about EMC and invited to his town called Tagula, until April 26 of the following year, when she was driven off the server by hatred and subsequently banned. Her story of persecution is one of the most overlooked cases of abuse in EarthMC's history.

A former exotic dancer from Australia, BluePanther was one of the server's beacons of counterculture for the first half of 2021. Hated by many, cherished by most, she had interests and connections in the highest levels of governments across the globe. A cunning businesswoman, she amassed a fortune through the donations of the many bachelor kings and other royalty across the globe, with many players having visited her strip club in Australia, prior to her entry into the government of Klondike as leader of Watson Lake.

However, BluePanther's lifestyle of pop culture and unorthodox tastes left her in a state of constant persecution from a large base in the server, who saw her as a threat to the traditional EarthMC lifestyle as both a female and a non-political individual. Her friends were persecuted, as well. Eventually, in April 2021, the harassment and targeting from the playerbase and moderators at the time hurt her feelings to the point she left the server permanently, and was eventually banned entirely.

On August 20, 2021 she was announced the Queen of Tagula

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