• Bogota is an Urbs Antiqua controlled by Ecuador in northern South America created on October 28 by Wyttie.


Before Bogota

Bogota was created by Wyttie after he sailed across the Pacific Ocean from Australia to South America. He settled in a spot very far from any other towns to begin making Bogota.

Bogota's Expansion

Bogota started as a small dirt hut, but as is grew, Wyttie began building a capitol building for the town of Bogota.

Nations near Bogota

Soon, Panama was formed. Panama was the first nation that Bogota could join. This worried Wyttie because he didn't want to join a nation. he wanted to make his own. panama soon began to expand into South America. Later, Quito left Panama and created Ecuador. at this time, Bogota was struggling to get enough gold to make their own nation, so they decided to join Ecuador.

Bogota Now

Bogota is slowly expanding, and will continue to expand in the near future.


Bogota consists of an unfinished capitol building, an unfinished military base, and 4 plots residents can purchase, each costing 1 gold.

Notable People

Currently, Bogota's only residents are Wyttie, 20JADW05, and ChrisvsStar.

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