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Profile Information
Aliases Bonafide, Supreme Dictator
Nation Yukon
Town Brivlan
Towny Rank Mayor
Political Party
Religion Jebism
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn Summer of 2020
Place of Spawn Germany
Physical Information
Nationality American
Gender Male
Blood Type
Zodiac Leo
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History

Bonafide Is the first and currently only mayor of the town of Brivlan. He has been a part of the server for an unknown amount of time, but only became active in June of 2021. Their best estimate for their join date is the summer of 2020. They are still an active player, spending most of their time in Alaska where their town, Brivlan, is located. He was one of the first members of Jebism and helped found it.

Pre-Brivlan History

The unknown Times

Around Summer of 2020, Bonafide_ logged onto the server for the very first time. He spawned in the middle of Germany. After a few minutes of looking around, he decided to join the nation of Ulm. He spent around an hour looking around the map before logging off. The next day, when he logged back in, Ulm had built massive skyscrapers, and had advanced to a degree not expected within 24 hours. Bonafide, disappointed by how much it had grown without him, logged off the server, and wouldn't log back on for a long time.

Creation of Brivlan

On June 6th of 2021, Bonafide along with his friend Thegamingbrick decided to join onto the server. Bonafide had been kicked out of Ulm due to months of inactivity, and decided to make a town of his own. They wanted to choose a place that was isolated to not gain too much attention and be attacked. He and his friend eventually decided to travel to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, where they created their town; Brivlan.


June, 2021

The first month of his rule was very eventful. It contained many early events for the town. It started with it's creation. He, along with TheGamingBrick, began building the town from the ground up. They began making friends with a few towns, one in Papua New Guinea and one nearby. They also started to add players to their town. During this month they created many buildings such as the Heart, the farmhouse, the shop, the watchtower, and much more. The religion of Jebism was created and began to spread in the population, as Bonafide supported and followed the religion. The month was a very eventful and essential for the future of the town, as it would lay down the foundations to come. During the month, he along with ScantyBurrito began positive relations with towns nearby, such as Chicken_Alaska and the capital of Yukon. This is also when he decided to join the nation of Yukon, as he felt it could help his town grow. Despite taking away power from himself in the short term, it would help tremendously in the long run. They started the month with 0 gold, and ended it with over 200.

July, 2021

For the early part of July, Bonafide was fairly inactive. Much of Brivlan were busy early on, so very few logged in at the same time. nonetheless, Bonafide logged in every so often to collect gold for the nation and see how everyone was doing. This was a large period in which the town was pretty much ignored by its founder. The only times Bonafide would log on, he would mostly explore places like Asia and Europe. This was a time of low activity from the mayor, and would only start playing again in August.

August, 2021

Bonafide began to play more as August began. With the return of a few other members of the town, Bonafide was able to play the server with others again, giving him more motivation. This would have been a great era for the town, if not for the end of summer. Due to the summer ending, Bonafide had even less time to use for Earth Mc, making the town practically abandoned for some time.