Boomtown is a town built on the coast of Lake Superior, it is part of the nation, Lacusmagnia. Not much is known about it other then it is not focused on getting residents.


Nov 16 2019 - Founded this day

Dec 20 2019 - Boomtown wound up getting flooded due to unknown reasons

Dec 21 2019 - The water was drained successfully and Boomtown returned to normal

Dec 22 2019 - Project Atlantica was started

Dec 24 2019 - Boomtown officially starts it's industrial revolution

Dec 27 2019 - Marked out final territory size

Dec 30 2019 - Mysterious "Building 001C" was built

Jan ?? 2020 - Boomtown starts mass reconstruction for unknown reasons

Mar 21 2020 - Boomtown left Minnesota and went to Wisconsin due to territory issues

Mar ?? 2020 - Boomtown starts getting undermined by SirBoomsalot24


  • Boomtown Tower (Currently being rebuilt)
  • Aqueduct to the Mississippi River (Almost Complete)


Project Mississippi River

The idea of this project as the name implies is to connect to the Mississippi River. This is done using an Aqueduct which is almost complete. All that it needs is some detail work and it will be done.

The Undermining of Boomtown

Name is self explanatory. Basically SirBoomsalot24 will dig up everything below the surface under Boomtown

Project Atlantica

A mysterious project that started likely on Dec 22 2019, there isn't much info due to it's secrecy. No one knows what it is truly about other then the mind behind it SirBoomsalot24.

Notable People

  • SirBoomsalot24 (Mayor of Boomtown)

Mysteries of Boomtown

  • Project Atlantica
  • Building 001C
  • The door-less buildings
  • The town's relationship with Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • SirBoomsalot24's final plans for Boomtown

Things to Note

This page is incomplete and all info is subject to change.

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