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Bouvetya was founded on 9. May 2019 and it was Founded by _BlueDerp_. Bouvetya recognises itself as part of the Polish Empire, the island Bouvetøya was initially part of the Norway but being uninhabited, Polish settlers crossed the South Atlantic Ocean as part of Poland's Empirical expanse. The goal was to occupy Arctic land that was fertile. Upon arrival 5th May the island had only a abandoned mine shaft with in a cave, and a small wooden port. Both of these structures have been preserved.


Bouvetya is a small hamlet, it is a peaceful town, having had very little interaction with the outside world. Every day the village expands and 1 bran new hut is built.

Building Plans

Bouvetya is an ambitious little village. And since seeing ships, and people travelling relatively close to its boarders its decided to build some defences. But in order to boost the moral of the people working in the village the, the Mayor decided to erect a statue for the gods.

2019-05-11 20.40.40.png
2019-05-11 20.42.03.png


Bouvetyas' dominant religion is Slavic Paganism.

Notable people

  • _BlueDerp_ the mayor and founder of this town.
  • HonchCrow the Police Officer.


Bouvetya has no economic policy as of date, but does hope to provide food rations, such as wheat, bread and carrots.

2019-05-12 13.19.38.png

2019-05-12 13.25.07.png

Towns time line


  • 9th May 2019 the town was created.
  • 10th May the town expanded its territory by 1 and began constructing homes.
  • 11th May the town raised its defences as it continues to expand its territory.
  • 13th May the town builds a Stone Masons house and renovates Cooplands.