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Brazilian Republic
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name Democratic Republic of Brazil
National Anthem
Name in Towny FLBrazil.png Brazil
1000px-Bandeira do Pará (variante).svg.png Para
FLPiaui.png Piaui
Bandeira da cidade do Rio de Janeiro.svg.png Rio
FLXingu.png Los Pampas
Motto "Ordem e progresso" (Order and Progress in Portuguese)
Population 230
Chunks 1630
/n list page 1
Capital City FLBrazil.png Mehinaku
Largest City FLBrazil.png Mehinaku
Oldest City FLBrazil.png Rio_de_Janeiro
Established October 27, 2020
Government Information
Leader FLBrazil.png Olivio90
Prime Minister FLBrazil.png V_Rodo
Political System Democracy
Economic System Regulated Capitalism
Official Language Jack1.png English (main)
FLBrazil.png Portuguese (secondary)
Official Religion
Army Size 15
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

The Brazilian Republic is a super-nation located in Brazil. It was established on October 27, 2020 after an agreement between four nations (Brazil, Xingu, Para and Piaui) to unite themselves in one.

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In this democratic country, there is no such thing as King, but yes a Holder (a person who holds the nation for the democratic country to exist). Who commands the country is actually the President/Prime Minister, which can decide anything that wasnt decided by the Polls of the Parliment.


The Republic was formed over an agreement between Xingu and the Old Brazil (term to refer to monarchic brazil of Ketchoop) that was an union of Brazil, Piaui and Para. It is an evolution from the Pindorama Union that was signed after 2 months of negotiations and it was the first attempt to make an union but it end up as just a formal pact to make the nations more close to each other

In the end of October, the monarch of Brazil and the representant of Xingu, Getfrosted with the symbolical leader of Xingu, Olivio90, made an agreement on making the Union become something real. The King wanted to have his own spawn and wanted the new nation to fund a new nation in south of brazil in order to make MagAnother in a confortable situation. The pact was to unite both nations into one Democratic Republic with the capital in Mehinaku, all the brazilian towns would join Xingu and Xingu would become Brazil, the republic, the town of Paranagua at south of the Old Brazil (term to refer to monarchic brazil of Ketchoop) became the Province of Parana, but due to influence of the Hispanic nations of Argentina and Uruguay the province was named as Los_Pampas. Rio de Janeiro, that was once the capital of the Old Brazil would join the Federative Republic of Brazil and a new province would be created in the middle of Rio de Janeiro, the city of Copacabana with a nation named Rio by Liao_Niwa, who sacrificed herself for making a better nation.

In her words: "if it will make the nation grow, i'm ready to sacrifice myself".

With that, the Republic of Brazil was born with the provinces of Piaui, Para, Rio and Los Pampas.

An interesting situation is the Nation of Brazil never disbanded, it passed from the Old Brazil to the New Brazil. With that, since the Old Brazil also was given from a previous Brazil, we can say that Brazil is a really old nation that survives over time with different generations and politics.

Town list


Last updated: November 3, 2020

Name Province Mayor Population Size Founded
Mehinaku Brazil Olivio90 100 07.18.2020
Campinas Brazil v_Rodo 3
Bacurau Brazil Luke_Show 7
Xingu Brazil AfroboiArzouma 2
Townham Brazil RustyRoon 2
RocketLand Brazil RocketThink 4
Rio de Janeiro Brazil ketchoop 1
Sao Paulo Brazil DeadlyPINGU2003 1
Disneyland Brazil Obungle 7
Asunción Brazil TashiLovesCake 1
Porto Alegre Brazil LmaoTea 2
Macapá Brazil LittleMining 1
Belmonte Brazil mthhh 1
Recife Brazil TwisterSelvagem 8
Belem Brazil Hoffman002 3
Milkyway Piauí goofymilk 11
Vatican Pará Jogina 6