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Profile Information
Aliases Breach, Brioche
Nation 1280px-Flag of Madagascar.png Madagascar
Town Reunion
Towny Rank Mayor
Occupation Fisherman, Ice road maker, Map artist
Organization TRK, Wizard of Tenerife
Political Party
Discord Evil2708#2277
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 23rd August, 2019
Place of Spawn Southern Siberia
Physical Information
Nationality Italian, Moroccan
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Zodiac Virgo (August 27th, 1999)
Status Information
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
Canarias | 23rd August, 2019 - 18th September, 2020

Spainflag-0.png Spain | 18th September, 2020 - 18th September, 2020
1280px-Flag of Madagascar.png Madagascar | 18th September, 2020 -

BreachDGates is an Italian player who resides in Reunion, Madagascar. He used to be the king of Canarias for around 392 days, from August 23rd, 2019 to September 18th, 2020. He owned Tenerife, the richest town in EMC history in terms of shown gold (maximum 42069g in mid September 2020). As of June 2020, BreachDGates is one of the most active players in EarthMC (1st in playtime on September 22nd), he joins the server every day to complete all his numerous projects, to earn gold and grind McMMO skills (Rank 1 /mctop). He wishes to be recognized by many players by leaving an important mark in the EMC community.


The beginning

On August 6th, 2019 BreachDGates returned from a trip to Denmark, he was so amazed about the architectonic style and the city design of Copenhagen that he wanted to recreate it in Minecraft singleplayer. 17 days later, he searched "Minecraft Denmark" on Youtube and found this video. He was shocked, never thought that there would be an Earth server with lots of buildings and a dedicated community. Breach's idea was to be part of that community, so he joined the server and waited for 2 hours of queue before getting in game.

BreachDGates spawned in southern Siberia, close to Omsk, Novosibirsk and northern Kazakhstan. He walked all the way through Russia; visited the entirety of Italy; sailed to Spain, voted and lost 5 gold because he decided to die in order to restore his hunger. After several minutes he put a sign in Gibraltar where he met the first person who gave him food (unknown name), headed towards Agadir, Morocco, then went mining westward and eventually surfaced near Tenerife.

Brief citizen time

Breach got helped by the only Tenerife citizen, xXChatonXx, who gave him food and survival items. She told him that she created Tenerife two days earlier and was invaded by Warriorrr and Aitonater the day after.

He built a house in the southern tip of Tenerife in an unclaimed zone because he didn't know about how chunk protection worked. The house got partially destroyed by random players who invaded Tenerife.

Got invaded by the Brits. Got invaded by the Norwegians. Got invaded by other people because Tenerife was not fully claimed. It took 4 months to claim the whole island.

Finished house. Became friends with xXChatonXx and doudoudou_Fr (Islas-Canarias' king).

Mayor of Tenerife

He was given the mayor role as a birthday gift on August 27th, 2019.

He built a lot of stuff, especially in September, December and March. [insert what I built]

BreachDGates fishing in Illiamna, Alaska

He transformed Tenerife into a red sandstone volcanic island and built a lot of creations which are worth visiting.

In September 2019, he expanded Tenerife for a plot zone, then built a beach which was completed only during Christmas. During the same month he also built an observatory on the summit of the Teide volcano. He mined under the volcano and made "Tenerife Center" which consists of a town hall, a museum, a bar, a lounge for residents and his first shop. Unfortunately the shop has proved to be useless. He also connected his house with a huge palace which is currently xXChatonXx's chest room, but that 6 chunk palace was built by neither of them. Always in September he built a small airport with a room dedicated to the victims of the 1977 Tenerife airport disaster.

In October Breach built a restaurant but preferred not to build anything else because he has already filled all Tenerife's chunks with builds. In November he built his shop, named "Wizard of Tenerife". This shop sells God items, God armor, enchanting books and other utility items.

2 months later he finished his beach, built a treehouse and most notably he transformed the neighboring dirt island of La Gomera into a nice place with plots with already built houses. He began to grind the Fishing skill, so several people have fished with him in La Gomera.

In March 2020 a concert hall for a heavy metal festival was built. All the best metal artists perform here. The concert room depicts the band Gojira playing their song "Flying Whales" and also used to contain a lot of rare CDs (he sold them all in August), some wither skulls and gold blocks. His new /n spawn was finally built on March 21, 2020. It's just a simple garden with a wooden path facing the ocean. In this path is Breach's new fishing zone, he thinks that inviting a lot of people fish with him is a good idea.

BreachDGates became king in March 14, 2020 after doudoudou_Fr gave him this rank because of his disinterest in joining EMC.

On September 17th Breach donated 13k gold to Spain, 13k to Kodiak and 13k to Madagascar. He also donated 100g each to 20 players

On September 18th Breach gave his nation to his friend Vic__dlt for free.

Madrid, Spain

Breach joined 32Pengun's town for 1 hour, just for typing "Madrid" in global chat.



Sainte-Marie, Madagascar

For 3 weeks Breach lived in the capital of Madagascar as a temporary place to settle to. Some days earlier the old owner Krazy gave

him an embassy house, which was well furnished and decorated by Breach with his map arts and books. Breach really appreciated the

peaceful community of Madagascar.

Reunion, Madagascar

Breach joined Reunion on October 8th after waiting for the old owner too go inactive. This town is still without any builds. Breach flattened the island with the exception of a small mountain in the northwestern part. He then dedicated a part of the plots on a residential zone with modern style embassy houses. In early November he mined 10000g in 11 days as a challenge, then spent some on a trident. So many notable players joined his town, for example Toopg who participated in this mining challenge and sold the trident to Breach. The island features a restaurant dedicated to Antlex, a cave dedicated to Fruitloopins, an unfinished yacht built by iRadioo and a beach to grind Fishing and Repair at the same time.

Breach's Timeline

Breach's timeline of significant events happening to him, from August 23rd, 2019 to September 22nd, 2020.

Grinding periods

He started farming exp inside doudoudou_Fr's blaze spawner during his spare time while splitting his game screen in two so he could watch videos. He reached lvl 300 of experience 4 times and lvl 426 once.

BreachDGates' town, Tenerife, single handedly reached 42069g on September 10th 2020

BreachDGates' town, Tenerife, single handedly reached 42069g on September 10th.

In mid December 2019 he started fishing. On March 14, 2020, Breach has achieved the Rank 1 spot in /mctop Fishing. He has been self-proclaimed as a "Fishergod".

He also stripmines in a 3x3 style all over the world in order to make underground ice roads. He earned 3200 Mining levels after finishing this project, then in just 6 days went to level 4000 (March 29) to be one of the few players to get 10000g. Currently he is the best miner of all time and probably is also the richest player.

On April 14th he hit rank 1 in /mctop Mining, overtaking MattD246 after a year. Breach mined 15900 gold ores to get this precious spot. The town of Tenerife has 20000g in its town bank, all owned by him.

On June 8th Tenerife hit 30000g after mining for days and selling emeralds and diamonds. He grinded like a madlad for a week until he got Rank 1 /mctop with 14750 levels on June 19th.

On July 30th he reached level 3000 in Fishing.

BreachDGates hitting rank 1 in top playtime on September 22nd. Screenshot by ciel0beats.

BreachDGates hitting rank 1 in top playtime on September 22nd. Screenshot by ciel0beats.

The day after his nation's first anniversary (August 18th), his town bank reached 40000g.

42069g on September 10th (personal record = 42100g)

#1 in top playtime on September 22nd, only for 3 hours. After that, he decided to take a long break from EMC.

10000g in 11 days in early-mid November.

100 days of playtime on December 27th

Map arts

Breach downloaded Litematica on April 22nd, then quickly started making map arts. It's just something to do instead of continuing mining or fishing, because it gets boring.

Here's a list of map arts made by him:

Album covers (1x1 map arts):

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger

Pearl Jam - Ten

Nirvana - Nevermind

Alice in Chains - Dirt

Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Melvins - Houdini

Bush - Sixteen Stone

Stone Temple Pilots - Core

Deftones - White Pony

Nightwish - Once

Gojira - Magma

Avantasia - Moonglow

Mastodon - The Hunter

Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power

Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (with 32Cragno) (Unfinished)

Hardstyle themed (1x1 map arts):

Defqon.1 logo, Q-dance logo, Headhunterz logo, D-Block & S-te-Fan logo, Rave into Space (Sub Zero Project), "My heart beats at 150 BPM", Da Tweekaz logo.

FeMale.png Male metal singers (1x2 map arts):

Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), Tatiana Shmayluk (Jinjer), Simone Simons (Epica), Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), Tarja Turunen (Nightwish, 2x2 map art), Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), Amy Lee (Evanescence).

EMC player heads (1x1 map arts):

Meikarazzzi's head

SgtCartoon's head

paparazzzi's head

32Cragno's head

BreachDGates' head

StrayViper's head

_Krazy_'s head

PoppyKai's head

Radnor7's head

Other map arts:

Princess Mononoké, only the bottom right part of the 2x4 map art by 32Cragno and paparazzzi.

"Wizard of Tenerife" logo (magic wand)

"78Coryx did nothing wrong"

"Live Canarias!" (inspired by "Live Madagascar" map art)

Crab Rave

"Fuck off Riot Games"


Opeth logo

Football Club Internazionale Milano

I Hate Models

Madagascar by night

BBB BBB BBB Bind. (after a 3 month hiatus)

Transcontinental Railway Key (TRK)

Transcontinental Railway Key is an underground ice road system that connects the world. It was officially established in January 2020 by the only tunnel miner, BreachDGates. The hub is located in Tenerife and currently links all the continents except Antarctica. All the ice roads are set in 3x3 tunnels at Y:12.

Inside TRK1, the only TRK ice road which includes a railway and is covered by netherrack.

TRK1: from Tenerife to Florida [Completed] [5 min 6 s by boat]

TRK2: from Tenerife to Iceland [Ice road in progress]

TRK3: from TRK1 at X: -11400 to Trinidad Tobago, New-Spain [Completed] [2 min 5 s by boat]

TRK4: from Tenerife to Midas, Madagascar [3x3 tunnel completed]

TRK5: from TRK4 at Z: 1375 to Bali, Indonesia [3x3 tunnel completed]

TRK - Western Hemisphere Map (as of March 30th, 2020)

TRK6: from TRK2 at Z: -7425 to Madrid, Spain [Completed] [put time here by boat]

TRK7: from TRK2 at Z: -6475 to Larach, Moroccan Kingdom [Completed] [put time here by boat]

TRK8: from TRK5 at X: 20000 to Antofagasta, Peru-Viceroyalty [3x3 tunnel completed]

TRK - Eastern Hemisphere map (as of March 11, 2020)

TRK9: from TRK8 at X: -28500 to Kodiak [Completed] [put time here by boat]

TRK10: from TRK3 at Z: -3900 to Hawaii [Completed] [put time here by boat]

[Maybe a table with origin, destination, distance and time by boat is better]


  • Meikarazzzi, the greatest and coolest player. Leader of Alaska and great moderator (currently inactive).
  • 32Cragno, the metalhead who suggested Breach to start working on map arts. He's built different.
  • Radnor7, by far the kindest player.
  • xXChatonXx, Breach's first friend (she left EMC)
  • ciel0beats, always so cheerful!
  • iSkeppy, previously known as ImBoran. He introduced me to Holycoow, another nice player.
  • 32Pengun, always helpful and friendly.
  • 78Coryx (banned for doxxing)
  • ItzVETREX, the Moroccan guy (banned for 1.2) and _Frisoubynight_.
  • pyjamaboi, Breach's best trader, he bought over 90 music discs from him in August 2020.
  • Many players from Madagascar (e.g. PoppyKai, CloakedEagle, explodingmelons, _Krazy_, JoniAlt, JaVolimKatarinu)
  • iRadioo, o.
  • SgtCartoon and _Cochonou_ from Kodiak.
  • StrayViper and Shootcity, great mods.

EMC Players Tier List based on how friendly these players are according to Breach. July 17th, 2020

  • Fruitloopins, why not.
  • Helly304, owner of Bali, where one of Breach's embassy plots is located.
  • nicosecci and some other Italian players.
  • Some non-toxic Accordo players (Paparazzi, Scorpionzzx, __Zuki__, kiadmowi)
  • sab2003, because note block concerts were so great.
  • Megaboy23, Breach's pupil. Fisherman with over 1000 levels, also top 3 in Excavation
  • Vic__dlt, the one Breach gave his nation to, before giving it to GrassyN on the same day)
  • Some guys from Syndicate and its allies (e.g. UghBraces, Antlex, UnreadiSpaghetti, Mednis, DrMimo, _Sidon_)
  • Players from Breach's /party or used to be part of it (e.g. builderwise, Broundonbcraft, dempy2003, _Smithyy, guestex, Ooban_, Puschel, JPluss)

McMMO Stats

Updated: December 27th, 2020 19:10 UTC

Skill Level Rank
Power Level 18600 1
Mining 8441 1
Fishing 3459 1
Excavation 2571 7
Repair 2200 3
Woodcutting 858 8
Herbalism 420 135
Alchemy 355 121
Swords 192 233
Unarmed 49 124
Archery 43 320
Taming 10 218
Axes 2 3323
Acrobatics N/A N/A


The name "BreachDGates" was chosen after a popular phrase used by Trick2g, a famous League of Legends streamer Breach is a fan of.

Has reached Diamond 4 in League of Legends in 2019, maining Udyr, Nasus and Yorick. He has 932k mastery points on Udyr.

"Loves" playing League with Meikarazzzi (even though it's really stressful for him)

Breach has thought several times of leaving Tenerife to settle in Bali, but doesn't want other players to destroy Tenerife's buildings and attracions. However, he spent IRL days fishing in the wilderness in Bali until he reached level 1000.

Lost 500 gold by giving it to xXChatonXx as a gift: that gold which was in her inventory got removed after she was unregistered because of 42-day inactivity.

Bought the priority 7 months after joining for the first time and being active almost every single day.

Got 70 of his rare CDs stolen because of a boat glitch affecting item frames. A moderator rollbacked them after some time.

Was gifted two months of Premium subscription by 32Cragno.

He's a supporter of Inter Milan football team.

He could have been a citizen of Denmark on his first day if he knew that teleport is a thing.