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Brisbane is a former city of Australia. Only ruins remain today.

Brisbane Gallery

History of Brisbane

Early History

  • Brisbane, Australia was founded on November 4, 2018, by OfficialONION.
  • Brisbane's first building was a basic farming hut that then was redesigned to look appealing.
  • A simple one chunk farm was setup directly next to the farming hut to add a renewable food source.
  • Brisbane trades for 2 cows from Owentheguy, but one is lost at sea.
  • Brisbane trades for another cow from Mergopolis, this time extra precautions made for cow's safety.
  • Large cow farm constructed to the outline of the first house, making Brisbane fully sustainable.
  • Brisbane builds a dock, connecting it to the outside world.

      Current History

  • Brisbane saves up enough money to protect its farmland with a land claim.
  • Brisbane builds a stone road to connect its house with the docks.
  • Brisbane claims another plot of land and builds a second farm hut.
  • Brisbane joins the nation of Australia.
  • Brisbane constructs Boardwalk spawn area.
  • Brisbane Constructs 5th King Street Building.
  • A animal pen area is constructed.
  • Many farmhouses constructed for residents.
  • Brisbane becomes Capital of Australia.
  • Brisbane Canal is built.
  • Brisbane builds a prison.
  • All animals all killed by "the bandits."
  • Turtle Nursery is built, and then renovated for a multi-level underground animal unit.
  • Ice Road from Uluru to Brisbane is completed.
  • One-Chunk farm is destroyed for space in the town.
  • Russian Embassy is Built.
  • ChannelFour of Qin, and Magenet of Norge engage in a PvP battle at Brisbane.
  • Qin begins Conquest of Pacific Isles, but allies Australia.
  • Animal Farm Unit is complete with Sheep, and Chickens.
  • Australia is joined by New Australia.


Brisbane is home to 5 farming houses that are across the street from each other. 4 of the 5 were build by OfficialONION. 5th King Street was also built by OfficialONION, along with the dock, prison, and Russian Embassy. Daniel0850 Build his own house on the shoreline of the Brisbane Canal.

Notable People

  • OfficialONION: Founder and Mayor of Brisbane
  • MrCookie147: First resident of Brisbane
  • rcolletti: General of Brisbane Defense
  • Daniel0850: First player to build their own house

Allies and Enemies of Australia

Allies (38) Including: France, Aotearoa, Sweden, Panama, Ming, Byzantium, Madagascar, Texas, Iceland, Solomon Empire, Nazi Germany, Poland, Ecuador, Hawaii, Malaysia, Cree, Norge, La Plata, Judah, Morocco, United States, Greenland, Mali, Thailand, Portugal, California, Tsugaru-shi, Bulgaria, Britain, Cascadia, New Guinea, Austria Hungary, Ross Ice Shelf, Spain, Greater Moravia, Russia, Comanche, and Qin.

Enemies (2) Including: Germany and Norway.