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British Columbia
Flag of British Columbia Alternate 1.png
Flag of British Columbia
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of British Columbia.png
National Information
Full Name Canton of British Columbia
National Anthem
Name in Towny British_Columbia
Motto "Splendor Sine Ocassu"
Chunks N/A
/n list page
Capital City 1280px-Flag of Seattle.svg.pngSeattle
Largest City 1280px-Flag of Seattle.svg.pngSeattle
Oldest City 1280px-Flag of Seattle.svg.pngSeattle
Established 9th February 2020
Government Information
Leader SayerQT
Prime Minister
Political System Government republic.png Canton Parliamentary Executive Direct Democracy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Free Market Capitalism
Official Language
  • Englishflag.jpg English (Main)
Official Religion
Army Size
Part of

The Salish Confederation

Historical Information
Past Leaders N/A
Past Capitals

British Columbia, formerly known as the nation Salish, and officially The Canton of British Columbia is a Canton of the Salish Confederation situated in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and hosts notable cities, like Seattle. British Columbia has a Parliamentary, Direct Democracy government which it shares with the Salish Confederation.


Supreme Premier

The Supreme Premier is the head of the Canton, and shall be elected every month by all eligible voters by a majority of total votes using the Instant-Runoff Voting Method. The Supreme Premier shall be limited to serving three consecutive terms of one month each, but must wait the length of two terms out of office; they will then have their term limits reset.

If the Supreme Premier resigns or leaves office within the first half of a month-long term, elections shall be held to fill the vacancy and the victor of the special election will serve until the end of the original Supreme Premier’s caste term. If the Supreme Premier resigns or leaves office within the second half of a month-long term, the Lieutenant Premier will become the Supreme Premier. However, if the Position of Lieutenant Premier is vacant, it then falls to the Parliamentor. If it too is vacant, it will trigger a special election with previously prescribed methods. The Supreme Premier may be removed in votes of no-confidence by the Legislative Council, which require a 2/3rd majority of the total membership

The Supreme Premier may choose to appoint Ministers to the Executive Council of British Columbia.

The Supreme Premier shall be the Commander-in-Chief of the Public Militia of British Columbia, however they cannot declare war without consent of the Legislative Council in a 3/5th vote, and all wars declared by the Salish Federation will automatically summon the Canton of British Columbia, unless in the case the Legislative Council overrule the Federation declaration and withdraw from the war with a 3/5th vote.

The Supreme Premier shall break ties in elections relating to the composition of Cantonal government officials.

The Supreme Premier may petition a state of emergency to the Legislative Council, in which the Legislative Council voting in joint session must approve with a 2/3rd majority. If passed, a five-day timer will start, beginning at the confirmation of a successful vote, in which the power will revert to normal after the five days have passed. In a state of emergency, the Supreme Premier will have the ability to pass laws without approval of anyone, however they cannot overturn previous laws. The Legislative Council can still hold votes of no-confidence during this time, or can force a return to normal power with a 1/2 majority vote.

Executive Council

The Supreme Premier may choose to give Ministers roles that are delegated from the powers of the Supreme Premier in order to properly run the Canton.

There shall be a permanent advisor position to the Supreme Premier that shall be titled the Parliamentor of British Columbia. The Parliamentor shall permanently be the Mayor of the Capital of the Canton. The Parliamentor shall own the nation in-game. If the Parliamentor is serving as Supreme Premier, the position will be temporarily abolished for the length of that term if both are held simultaneously.

There shall be established a position titled the Lieutenant Premier of British Columbia. The Lieutenant Premier shall be appointed by the Supreme Premier, however can only be removed through votes of no-confidence. The Lieutenant Premier shall break ties in the Legislative Council.

Legislative Council

The Legislative Council shall be the unicameral provincial parliament. The Legislative Council shall consist of elected and non elected citizens of the Canton, that must reside in the nation for at least one week to be a member. Members shall be referred to as Cantonal Councillors, or CCs. Town mayors automatically earn a seat in the Legislative Council.

For every twelve non-mayor citizens in the Canton, there will be one elected Legislative Council position. These elected Legislative Council positions will be allocated to towns based on how many members they have in the Cantonal Discord. These Cantonal Councillors will be elected or chosen by the Government of the town they represent, by methods decided by the town.

Constitutional articles can only be amended via new constitutional articles, which must be ratified by a 2/3rd majority in a Canton-wide referendum and can be suggested by 20% of the total membership of the Legislative Council, 10% of the Cantonal Population, or by the Supreme Premier. However, new constitutional articles cannot contain anything that changes the Second Constitutional Article, and can be vetoed by the Supreme Premier.

Judicial System

All constitutional or civil cases shall be directed through the Salish Confederation Court of Grievances.

How the British Columbia Canton Government works.


Before British Columbia became a Canton, it was the nation known as Salish which was founded on the 9th of February, 2020, by Vorobyevite. The nation renamed to British Columbia on the 1st of October 2020.

For the longest time, there was no distinction between British Columbia and the Nation of Salish, they were one in the same, and British Columbia had no Cantonal government. This changed however on September 12th, 2021 when SayerQT formed the first Cantonal government and established local rule. The Federal capital was Seattle, until the 1st Amendment to the Salish Constitution was passed, abolishing the Federal capital in favor of Cantonal capitals. This however, doesn't prevent strong feeling of the de facto Capital being Seattle for the Salish Confederation.


Name Flag Mayor Pop Size Founded
Seattle 1280px-Flag of Seattle.svg.png JTPilfered 3 940 December 23th, 2019
Wenatchee Us-wawen.gif _Kaito_Kid 1 388 January 12th, 2020
Cranbrooke Cranbrook, BC flag.png Crysoprasus 2 120 April 30th, 2020
Winthrop SayerQT 3 164 January 21st, 2020
Tofino AMochi 1 3 June 16th, 2020
New Pork City TheTavyo1 2 22 July 30th, 2020
asdfghjkl paleles 6 12
Big Rock Lasscat 1 10 June 3rd, 2020

Supreme Premiers of British Columbia

Archive of previous and acting Supreme Premiers of the British Columbia.

No. Supreme Premier Lt. Premier Term Town(s)
1 SayerQTStar.png VorobyeviteStar.png September 12, 2021 - Present Winthrop & Cranbrooke

Notable People

Some relatively important members of the nation historically or currently:

  • SayerQT, First Supreme Premier
  • Vorobyevite, First Lt. Premier
  • JTPilfered, Mayor of Seattle

Former Notable Towns

  • Olympia


Information related to British Columbia: