Brussels was created November 1st 2018 by Koala in what is Belgium,and Koala came to a agreement in which they both help fund a town under the nation of France.Soon after the creation of Brussels koala created "St.Koala Church of Brussels" as first order of business. Residency's are currently being made out of different colored Terracotta.As of December 9th Brussels left France due to complications with MLGTerra. Leaving Koala in the hands of the Nazis o/


Mayor Koala

On the EMC days koala had hopes that when Terra nova came out that he could move to Denmark.However his dreams were crushed while many others sought of Denmark as well.Koala tried Terra nova beta and traveled to Tasmania is search for a possible new life.Instead koala decided he would leave Asia and try out Europe.Denmark was gone but there was an open slot for Belgium.Koala took this opportunity and established Brussels.

St.Koala Church of Brussels

2018-11-07 20.25.45

Created November 1st by Mayor Koala

establishment of king koala the first on Belgium

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