1. REDIRECT Template:Town InfoBuenos Aires is the capital of La Plata, one of the three nations located in South America.



Screenshot 103

The BA letters doing allusion to the city's name: "Buenos Aires" and behind them, the Obelisk of Buenos Aires.

Screenshot 104

One of Buenos Aires buildings, in it, there are three apartments and an armor shop.

Screenshot 105

Obelisk view from a Buenos Aires building apartment.

Screenshot 107
Screenshot 108

9 de Julio Avenue view from a building apartment.

Screenshot 109

The Buenos Aires Obelisk, as seen on the night.

Screenshot 102

Another view of the "BA" sign. Curious thing: This sign is right there in THAT place on real life too!

Screenshot 110

Here, we can see the architecture that Buenos Aires usually uses for its buildings alongside other nearby cities.

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