The country of Cameroon is located on the Western Coast of Africa at the Gulf of Guinea. It is a port city focusing on trade and culture. The country of Cameroon is a Junior Partner of the Kingdom of Oyo. This means the country has autonomy over large areas except Defence and Diplomacy, these powers are shared between the governments of Cameroon and the Kingdom of Oyo. The government is made up of a King and his trusted advisers.

Cameroon is expanding through it's specialisation in trade as more and more stores are opening in Port De Meme, the capital is connected to Lagos through it's rail connections as well as to other towns in the Kingdom of Oyo.


The country of Cameroon was established on the 1st of December 2018, before the capital, Port De Meme, had seceded from the Kingdom of Oyo and created Cameroon there were talks between Zubster_ and xCptSpiffyx about the relations between the two countries as they wished to be have very close relations.

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