Campbelltown is a town located just west of Sydney, and is part of Australia.


Campbelltown Banner

Early History

SCOBlade on arriving in the dynmap planned location, went mining until reaching 64g, to then create the first claims. Campbelltown was established by SCOBlade, on May 17, 2019. Alongside Raurok, the first building in Campbelltown was developed, Campbelltown Hut.

Joined Nation

View over town 21/5/19

Just as expansion began, Zasdd messaged SCOBlade in-game if he wished to join TerraAustralis. SCOBlade gladly accepted the invite and joined the United_Australia Discord. The town has had a few friendly visits from fellow Australians, although one visit from two Qin members who attempted to grief, was a contributor. Later on May 26, SCOBlade left TerraAustralis and joined Australia as request of Duzy_.

Current History

The development of New Campbelltown is still under way, and after a year of existence residents have been invited for the first time. The old ice-way has been demolished in replacement with the Australian Underground, which can be accessed from Campbelltown, Albury, Cooma (ect.)


  • Campbelltown Hut, the first building
  • The Blue Mountains Tea Hut (origins are unknown, if you know who build this message SCOBlade#7700)
  • Campbelltown City Council House
  • The Barn
  • Town spawn building
  • Bee Sancturary
  • Turtle Sancturary

Notable People

  • Jasper_ (Donator)

    View over New Campbelltown 28/06/20

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