Campbelltown is a town located just west of Sydney, and is part of Australia.



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Early History

Campbelltown was established by SCOBlade, on May 17, 2019.

Joined Nation

2019-05-21 21.05.14

View over town 21/5/19

Just as expansion began, Zasdd messaged SCOBlade in-game if he wished to join TerraAustralis. SCOBlade gladly accepted the invite and joined the United_Australia Discord. The town has had a few friendly visits from fellow Australians, although one visit from two Qin members who attempted to grief, was a contributor. Later on May 26, SCOBlade left TerraAustralis and joined Australia as request of Duzy_.

The Great Australia Drama

On the 18th of June, Duzy_ disbanded United_Australia. Since then multiple disputes between Australia and TerraAustralis have occurred.


  • The new City Council Building.
  • Campbelltown Hut, the first building.
  • The Barn.
  • The Blue Mountains Tea House, it's origins are unknown.

Notable People

  • Raurok (Co-Mayor)
  • HackGod27 (Resident)
  • Evil_Lord (Resident)
  • Zasdd (lad)
  • Mike_Wong (lad)
  • Jasper_ (Donator)
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