Captainpatakis (also known as Patakis, captain, kheta guy and stone guy) is a player in EarthMC. Not much known but rather a big seller of Bells and other chaotic trades

Note: I'm writing this small thing myself to be i guess a part of this community in thee wiki aswell. Heavy editing will happen as I'm slowly getting through the mechanics of Fandom wiki. Ye ok.


My begginings

I joined EMC for a solid reason, to vote and give the gold to some Idiot of a friend. At that time queue did not exist and I have no idea when queue was even added. I joined in February 2019, marking me as a 1 year player now lol.

I'm not sure where I spawned, my guess is Madagascar but I never noticed.

5 minutes after i joined, i was invited to the nation of siberia, more to the capital of the nation, Kheta, which later on I will own. My friend guiding me from discord to vote and stuff. I never gave him the gold, I just put it in my town.

I met 3 very nice people that evening. Habstrakkt the leader of nation, Dakoko, one guy of the town and another player that I could be mistaken is in GRE or something. I was given stuff, plot and eventualy some permissions within the town. Afterwards I started ignoring my friend's messages, calls and whatnot because I started to enjoy this server.

A week or something later Habstrakkt left Siberia, Zaroquen became the leader and dakoko mayor of Kheta. Siberia grew a bit and if i remember there were atleast 12 towns. I started slowly building my trust to dakoko, Zaroque and others and eventualy becoming trusted within the nation and my town.

In March, dakoko left siberia, giving me full control of Kheta and its resources aswell as some other stuff.

The flood

When the servrer grew and priority was set to place, my activity fell dramaticaly. Waiting in a 1 hour queue just to play for 5 minutes and joining the next day. April was kind of tough as I was offline for more than 20 days and eventualy my activity fell. Nothing really happened appart for becoming very rich after a random raid and picking up a lot of gold. In May my activity rose again, I started making the railroads around Siberia with packed ice instead of ice and recruiting people to Kheta. In may Fuze joined and Ballgod, the queue was intense.

In June, I managed to buy myself priority queue and becoming one with the prio gang. Of course i didn't have to wait forever and joined fast. In july I bombed alongside qing and some other siberians queensland. Dubs of tnt and just the time when queensland had 3 people online, 5am in the morning. It was good and I got my possibly first loot from a player. In august I took a break and that was it.

The "UnLaggiest, most interesting period, most odd time in"

September till December was, a blast. I started working on a massive castle in Kheta, Siberia bacame inactive same time as Qing, Uesugi alliance broke up, Niger started war and Ballgod whatever happened next. No Lag was seen which was odd and more importantly it was the time when I have my last deaths for the year, 1 drowned over my farm, 1 died in my elevator and 1 I was killed by tnt? I don't remember. I started actively working on the khetan wall and around in november I took a break.

Turmoil era until March.

I honestly don't know. January was weird. The fact that I focussed on the main walls and trading with villagers wasn't that cool as i intended. In january I marked my first year in the server and possibly my first year as a mayor of a town. I became pretty cool with the Austrians after helping them clear a massive part of their forests, I got a street after me which is kinda neat. I started gaining meme power and upvotes on reddit, mostly by triggering casper or some other person. Durinf that time I became interested in lore and decided to test my fate into becoming a pissist which was proven nice. We reach March 20 soemthing which is my time of far inactivity. Siberia become hell of an inactive place, qing is dead and I seek for some cool places which i find them. Eventualy i feel like I've quiten EMC.

The return of the bruh moment

In april the 5th, my work from doing shit suddendly fell. anyways im pro reset. On 4/18/20 I catch emc queue almsot instant at a time where it usuaally is like 10/120. My life sparked as I was actually enjoying again EMC. on the 19th, dabs announced a crusade on Kush, and my activity reached heck. anyways to celebrate 4/20/20 I along with some avalon people made pps in africa. And here i am, selling my fortune to people for 1g.


since my first join, I have been apart of the town of Kheta and siberia. I'm lowkey that guy.

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