Town Information
Full Name Social Republic of Carbonia
National Anthem Siam Fieri

Orsù marciam!

Name in Towny Carbonia
Motto Carbonia Caput mĕdĭterrānĕus
Established May 2 2019
Disbanded //
Nation Italy
Population 2
Chunks 204
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor Federico20027 Federico20027
Political System Enlightened Despotism
Economic System Mixed Economy
Official Language Drapeau italie Italian
Official Religion Catholic Church
Historical Information
Past Nations Hungarian-Sardian Empire
Past Mayors Valerio341
Past Councillors Federico20027 Federico20027

Parallel82 Parallel82

Brixus64 Brixus64










Early History 

The Origin

Carbonia was founded on 2 May 2019 by the glorious king Valerio341 during a military expedition for the colonization of Italy

The kingdom of Olbia

the dangers were many as soon as they landed on the island, among which the worst was the threatening kingdom of olbia, a great military power, but thanks to the military supplies from italy and the long war of attrition, the kingdom of Carbonia succeeded to gain supremacy on the island.

Middle Ages


the Middle Ages was a transition period where both the Arts of War and Culture developed, there was an exponential growth of the population, but there was a period of continuous struggles with the new emperor who had occupied the Italy Erwwining a Turkish General; during this period the Valiant Federico20027 made his appearance who, at the command of his Legions, managed to drive out the Turks from Sicily first, then going up the peninsula thanks to the help of the legion of Campionedeiboss and the help of the independent Guzzo and the Savoy Legion , thus managing to free Italy from the tyranny of Erwwining.

American colonization

the person in charge of the American colonization was BraveDan who colonized the lands of the lakes in North America and a part of Canada.

Hungary-Sardian empire

after a long period of peace Valerio341 With cunning and deception he managed to steal the hugery at Ciao00000 and this became the Hungary-Sardinian empire, in the meantime JuliusCastor was killed and expelled from Italy by the Rebels.

the farewell of Valerio341

after a long time there was the farewell of Valerio and the handover from Valerio341 to Federico20027.

Decline Ages

during this period there was an exponential decline that reduced the population from 75 inhabitants to just 3, Federico20027, Campionedeiboss, AAAAAlex_GD were able in this period to revive the city within the modern world, they recruited many people including the legendary Brixus64 and the bold Parallel82, bringing the city to the golden age.

'Crepuscular Era'

a long period of inactivity by the population which caused a decrease, but was resumed with an iron fist leading to a consequent increase in the population which will guarantee a future for the empire.

Modern Era

these Era was created by our greatness and took us where we are now and will always be in continuous expansion to make great Carbonia in the Mediterranean and in the world

The era of insurrection

citizens attempt the coup because they want to elect Brixus64 as mayor, but violently foiled with an iron fist the mayor takes full power and drives out the insurgents becoming absolute monarch the only one left is AAAAALEX_GD.


The architecture of the city are:

  • Carbonia Tower
  • New citadel
  • Old City and Old TownHall
  • Commercial Port
  • Military Port

    a view of Carbonia

  • Blaze Lighthouse
  • Residential district
  • suburban neighborhood
  • Maltese embassy
  • Carbonia Prison
  • Carbonia Aquarium
  • Carbonia Castle
  • Carbonia Central Station
  • Carbonia Metro (partially completed)
  • Carbonia IceRoad
  • Carbonia Museum (Work in progress...)

Notable People

famous people passed by here are

  • Erwwining
  • Ciao00000
  • Sulakeken
  • Juliuscastor

famous people who lived here

  • Valerio341
  • Federico20027
  • Brixus64
  • BraveDan

Carbonia allies

  • CamialStraw
  • Guzzo_I
  • CorruptedGreed
  • TheDeathmare


  • Have you got a new Rome? The capital of lacusmagnia?
    Before it was called new carbonia because colony to consult
  • there was an attack on Federico20027 and Campionedeiboss while he was renovating the port of Olbia a guy killed them, in peacetime, he came from the Balkans and was hired by Erwwining, while they were renovating the port of Olbia a boy killed him


2020-03-16 17.35.43

new citadel

2020-03-16 17.39.15

Blaze lighthouse, civil port and wind mill

2020-03-16 17.41.40

bank of carbinia view residential neighborhood and carbonia lido

2020-03-16 17.42.05

carbonia aquarium, iceroad, citadel entrance

2020-03-16 17.42.41

suburban neighborhood

2020-03-16 17.37.25

Maltese embassy and civil port


Carbonia bank

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