Cartier Landing is a small Hamlet built on the border of Alaska and Canada. It was founded by EnderSoul77 and WoterWeasel, this duo was later joined by their third citizen Papa_Stalin_5. It is named after the man who discovered Canada, Jacques Cartier. This towns major exports are dirived of Wool, Smooth Stone, White Concrete, and Enchanted Books.


The town was founded on the 16th of March 2020. EnderSoul77 and WoterWeasel hiked for quite a while until they reached a town, at which point they followed this towns road until the road disappeared. They set up camp in the area and decided that this was the perfect spot. They began to build, the original building stands to this day across from the mine where they dug to find riches. After the area was claimed as a town, their third muskateer entered their ranks, Papa_Stalin_5 was a hard worker and immidietly earned the respect of his fellow citizens. The town boomed over a span of 10 days to the Norse Medival Hamlet that stands today.

Early History

However, the Journey for EnderSoul77 and WoterWeasel started long before the founding of Cartier Landing. Starting in mid to late 2019 they set up a small port town in Vietnam called Saigon. Life was peaceful until a neighboring Nation attacked out of no where. WoterWeasel took the valuables and escaped to a Canal quite a distance away while EnderSoul77 drew the enmeies attention. They lived their days scavenging for food in isolation on the abandoned canal. Eventually they decided to make one more attempt at birthing a town.

The Growth of the Landing

Cartiers Landing, had a much more difficult growth than most other towns, it is Isolated, away from civilization with nothing and nobody to help them. They scavanged and raided abandoned buildings and towns for materiels. Exploring the Earth finding things like giant castles and factories to loot.


There are several buildings in Cartier Landing, starting with the original building built by EnderSoul77, it is small yet effective. Just across the road is the town mine where many of riches have emerged. Next to the mine is the town Warehouse, filled with double chests and these chests filled with items.Down the street from the warehouse is the three homes of the three residents, these homes are small but cozy none the less. To the left at the end of the street is the Barn, only filled with chickens at this moment there is plentiful of space for more animals. Just across the bridge to the other side of town is the current town hall a stone castle that makes the statement elegant yet powerful. Just down the street is the town bank a tall narrow structure made of stone and towering yellow and blue windows. The final two buildings are not buildings at all, butthey are statues to commemerate those who have risked and those who have helped to bring this town to life. The style of building is Norse Medieval as this blends well with the environment, and blends well together.

Notable People

  • EnderSoul77 - The Mayor of Cartier Landing, one of the two founders and the head builder.
  • Papa_Stalin_5 - The third and final citizen to join the town of three, a hard worker, head lumberjack, head merchant, and the Police Chief
  • WoterWeasel - One of the Two Founders, The head Councillor of Cartier Landing, the head Miner, and the General of Cartier Landing


Cartier Landing is currently alligned with Area51.


The main exports of Cartier Landing is Wool, Concrete, Enchanted books, and Rare Ores these are all high export items. The town is based upon a dynamic capitalist economy. This means every citizen is viewed as an individual, the citizens only do their job to earn gold for taxes and buying other necessary items from the town exchange or theyre fellow citizens in the town market.

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