The Republic of Cascadia is a mega-nation that occupies territory in the western and northern portions of North America. The Republic is one of the oldest nations in the server and has seen every era besides one. During the course of its history, Cascadia has reigned over 25 districts, around 200 towns, and over 3000 players. Cascadian colors have been seen in every corner of the world. It now has 8 provinces and 47 towns currently, with around 250 players inhabiting them.


Early History

Before the nation of Cascadia was founded, there was the town of Astoria. Founded in the Beginning era, on November 26th, it is the oldest town in the Pacific Northwest. Although Cascadia did not exist in the first few weeks, the idea was already conceptualized. The founders envisioned the birth of a democratic nation that would unite the region. Thus, the prospect of the Republic of Cascadia was introduced.


Because the cost of nations was cheaper during the inception of the server, it took only a short while to acquire the materials. After a few days of raising funds for the nation, its founding members had enough to create Cascadia. And so, the nation of Cascadia was founded on the 11th of December, 2018, by RangerMK01.

SalC1 Gold Duplications

In a video by Minecraft YouTuber SalC1 published on the 14th of February, he traveled to Astoria to inflate the economy by duplicating and distributing gold while using an invisibility potion. The many stacks SalC1 gave out caused confusion among the several players online at the time.
Minecraft Duping - EarthMC

Minecraft Duping - EarthMC

One of SalC1's victims was Code456, founder of Port Angeles. Another was Hack3ermann, a founding member of Cascadia. CodeNameW was also given a stack of gold blocks.

Rapid Growth

Through the summer of 2019, Cascadia underwent rapid growth. It admitted several new districts over a short span of time and expanded both its landmass and its political influence several-fold.

Riot in New York & Late-Summer Breakdown

Second New York Riot

On the 9th of August, 2019, a riot broke out in New York, which at that time was a member district of Cascadia. Owners of plots in highly trafficked areas of New York enabled PVP and began a killing spree which led to the deaths of many players who showed up to participate in the New York riot, which later came to be known as the "Second New York Riot". The crowds later dispersed and the riot came to an end.

Trial of UnbatedAura & Captainb4

On 11 August, two days following the Second New York Riot on the 9th, the users involved in the mass killings in New York were identified as Captainb4 and UnbatedAura. A trial was held in the Supreme Court of Cascadia (Cascadia v
New York Riot - EarthMC

New York Riot - EarthMC

UnbatedAura and Captainb4). The court found both of these players guilty of murder and inciting violence and both were required to pay a fine to the state as instigators. The trial was presided over by OreoToast.
Minecraft Court - EarthMC

Minecraft Court - EarthMC

Peak cascadia

Cascadian territory at its greatest extent. Summer of 2019.

Overextension & Collapse

Following the trial, many leaders of Cascadia's newly admitted districts & territories felt that the Government of Cascadia had overstepped its powers in prosecuting Captainb4 & UnbatedAura. This led to a cascading effect of many districts leaving Cascadia, including all of Cascadia's east coast territories and a number of southwestern territories.

The Great Cascadian Schism

In late August 2019, the Republic of Cascadia underwent a fracturing of the internal government, with a breakaway sect looking to establish Cascadia as an empire. This breakaway sect has led to an internal crisis with two factions of supporters supporting both the establishment of a Cascadian Empire and the continued existence of the Republic of Cascadia.

After 2 days of a tense standoff between the two sides, the breakaway "empire" sect stood down and returned control of Cascadia to those loyal to the republican government.

October Accomplishments

BonZzil's Second Term

After being given a second term by the majority of citizens, BonZzil aimed to revive Cascadia. On the 9th of October, Hwangland joined Cascadia. On the 20th, Calgary joined as well. Astoria acquired 3 beacons to show the Cascadian flag in the richest style possible, with the exterior of the senate building in its final phase. BonZzil also advertised shop plots in the Capital, starting the Market Plaza.

Cascadia Faulty Disbandings

On the 4th of October, the towny plugin had a glitch where several nations were accidentally disbanded. Florida and Cascadia were temporarily deleted, causing confusion among its citizens.


On October 11th, SgtCartoon announced that the nation of Alaska, Yukon at the time, wished to acquire the entire nation of Cascadia by assimilating it. This was dismissed by Incarnation__ as a whim on the part of SgtCartoon.

Ranger's Reforms

On the 31st of October, RangerMK01 declared that "Y'all made me come back, so I'm going to be throatfucking some changes and reforms into this nation. Standby for further information." RangerMK01 deleted Secretary of Recruitment. " The position is not needed and better serves as an unofficial position". The district general channels were deleted because "they are entirely unused and to promote a sense of unity within our nation. We are one nation, separating ourselves does nothing for us and provides unneeded clutter to the discord". RangerMK01 also remade the senate proposals channel. "Seeing as no one was using the proper format and the senate proposals is a mess right now, I'm archiving it and we're starting fresh".

November Quiescence

UnbatedAura's Presidency

UnbatedAura came into the presidency with the aim of restoring Cascadia to its former glory. On the 12th, Dictio went through his probation period and became senator of Amarok. The town of Sugarcane also joined on the 15th.

Vice President OreoToast's Plans

On the 22nd of November, OreoToast announced some plans for the interim presidency, such as establishing Astoria as a proper federal city, ensuring an effective balance between the Mayor and the President, expanding usage of the National Bank of Cascadia building, returning national gold reserve to the towny banks, fixing road signs in the Astoria area, re-organizing district structure such that it is easier to understand the structure of Cascadia as a whole, granting Bhutan status as "Overseas Territory" with the consent of the Senate, going over Astoria's main shop street and gutting any inactive shops, commission houses for Astoria's residential district, finding an effective way to get feedback from the frontier towns to know what they need, creating a non-departmental committee for Parks & Recreation, finishing the National Defense Department headquarters facility, recognizing GGOVI & Yaznayu as enemies of the state, and maybe making in-game books effort to document Cascadia.

Port Angeles Population Growth

During November, Cascadia underwent a small population boom as Senator and Mayor Estonian_Mapping started the mass recruitment of players into Port Angeles, bringing in many new players, and inviting his friends onto the server. LawofRence and thebigjeff2111, who both knew Estonian_Mapping, joined the server too. This led to Port Angeles becoming the largest Cascadian town, with metropolis status and 42 members at its height.

Replacement of the Vice President

On the 16th of November, UnbatedAura announced that he was replacing BonZzil, who was vice president. He declared that the vice president was no longer fit for office as he had broken the law and restricting UnbatedAura from performing his duties as president. The new vice president was OreoToast.

Mt. Rainier Joins

The Town of Mt. Rainier, owned by thegamingsquirel, joined Cascadia on the 28th of November, and slowly grew in size. Mt. Rainier would remain part of Cascadia until it created the Pacific Republic and left.

Road and Highway Plans

On the 21st Barbay1 declared that Cascadia's Department of Development would need to have a meeting on the issue of roads of highways and roads, and then do a presentation to the Cascadians on the state of the methods of transport. She also stated that Cascadia needed to write down Cascadian road requirements, like what material and what height, so that citizens know how to correctly build them.

December Anniversary

Barbay1's Presidency

After Barbay1 won the December Presidential election, she began promoting the use of international highways and events such as the World Expo. Shop policies were also renewed. In tandem with the new plans, the new government was intended to be more transparent than its predecessors. On the 5th of December, OreoToast resigned as Secretary of Defense, being replaced by Estonian_Mapping, who quickly transforming and upgrading the Cascadian Military. On the 6th, Barbay1 replaced KingBerman with BonZzil, as KingBerman was no longer in the nation.

The Transferral of Athabasca

On the 6th of December, OreoToast had the nation of Athabasca transferred to him in hopes of increasing the overall productivity of the nation. The district of Athabasca was dissolved as a district of Cascadia, and OreoToast made a deal with Rudolf_Hoess, which stipulates that if he is to become active on EMC again, he shall have the nation transferred to him and the district restored.

OreoToast held roughly 2/3 financial stake in the in-game towny nation of Athabasca as he personally helped fund one-third of the cost of the nation, and had the backing of one of the other major investors. Rudolf_Hoess was somewhat inactive on EMC and OreoToast deemed that his plans for Swanavon & the capital of Athabasca were somewhat difficult if not impossible to achieve with the extended outage of sign shops.

As a result of all this, OreoToast declared the founding of the Kingdom of Haida as a sovereign and independent nation as a member of the Pacific Commonwealth. OreoToast stated that "this is not a fuck you to Cascadia". Haida would remain independent until February.

Republic Day Celebrations

To celebrate the founding of Cascadia, a celebration was decided to be held on the 14th of December. Fireworks, Banners, and even a Flea Market was prepared. Dispensers and other Redstone contraptions were made for the fireworks, and Christmas ornaments decorated the capital building. A festive spirit hung about Astoria. Barbay1 set up a secret Santa event, where citizens would give anonymous gifts to other citizens using hoppers.

Flea markets were set up at 3:30 (PST), and finally, the celebrations took place at 5:30, with Barbay1 and Estonian_Mapping delivered speeches, and fireworks were set off. At 5:45, Blackjack Casino events were held until late into the night.

Republic Day Speech

State of the Union Adress

Battle of Astoria

On the 13th, Rupert Land's citizens 754 and 268 raided the Cascadian Capital of Astoria. Members of the Cascadian Military such as durablecandy, spleenbeaned, and thegamingsquirel were present. The Rupert's Land citizens used flame bows, but President Barbay1 put up emergency showers around the capital. The battle ended with at least one Cascadian casualty.

First Battle of Autumnshire

On the 14th, several attacks were carried out by Rupert's Land's military, in order to sabotage Republic Day. A minor skirmish was fought at 8:45 PM, PST. 754, leader of Rupert's Land, harassed and threatened Autumnshire, including using melee and explosives to kill three Cascadian Citizens. After Iron City and Cascadian Reinforcements arrived, 754 retreated, technically resulting in a victory, although the final death count stood at 3-0, with Rupert's Land taking no casualties.

Battle of Iron City

At 9:40 PM PST, Iron City was attacked in the Battle of Iron City. The Cascadian Military only managed one soldier versus the opposing 7, but many brave soldiers and civilians lent a helping hand. Even with overwhelming odds, Cascadia managed to kill some of the invaders. Cascadians had a harder time reinforcing the walled city, as the ice roads leading to it were either nonexistent or in severe disrepair. Cascadia suffered 2-3 more casualties while inflicting 2 casualties on Rupert’s Land. Even President Barbay1 was spotted on the battlefield. Cascadia scored a hit on Rupert's Land, however, when 754 was killed in the conflict. His god armor was displayed in Iron City.

Second Battle of Autumnshire

Another battle took place at Atumnshire later that day, this time with the full force of the Rupert's Land military. There were approximately 10-12 soldiers from Rupert’s Land against approximately 5-7 from Cascadia. Many casualties were reported, mostly on the Cascadian side, but Cascadia held the line, preventing Rupert's Land from getting a firm hold on the city. Rupert's Land eventually retreated, ending the battle.

Barbay1's Boycott

On the 20th of December, 2019, Barbay1 called for a Boycott against Hyperion Enterprises, RangerMK01's multi-nation corporation. She claimed that the independent and sovereign nation of Hyperion had sabotaged peace talks with Rupert's Land by selling materials to them. Barbay1 also condemned RangerMK01 for not removing old Cascadian members in the cabinet(most notably the people she disagreed with on various topics regarding the nation), as he said that he "Valued friendship more than some dumb discord roles". This argument, along with other actions taken by Barbay1 eventually resulted in her being impeached by the senate, with the presidency going to Beepsky.

January Restoration

January Election

After proving his ability by reviving Port Angeles and making it the largest town in Cascadia with 42 members, Estonian_Mapping announced that he was running for president on the 3rd of December, 2019. He won by a landslide, beating his opponent UnbentGODFATHER.

Raid on Port Angeles

In early January, soldiers from Rupert's Land spawned in Cascadia and journeyed to the neighboring town of Port Angeles. These soldiers used lava buckets to set livestock on fire. The town lost many chickens and sheep. A warning was issued by Cascadian President Estonian_Mapping, and no further incidences occurred.

End of the Rupert's Land War

On the 10th of January, Estonian_Mapping made a white peace with Rupert's Land, ending the three-month-long war. This was the result of the Northwestern Syndicate making up fake news, and the leader of Rupert's Land exiting politics. The white peace allowed the construction of roads and infrastructure to continue without attacks from Rupert's Land. On the 13th, the Northwestern Syndicate was disbanded.

Cascadian Re-Expansion

During Estonian_Mapping's January term, he launched a fundraising event, raising 500 gold for the Cascadian Government. In the first few days in office, he agreed to a white truce, ending the long conflict with Rupert's Land. After Slave's decline, he even managed to incorporate two Slave towns, Trout Lake and Fort Navington into the Cascadian province of Yukon. Estonian_Mapping also purchased a beacon, which would be used to easily develop Cascadia.

During his term, the town of Wenatchee was created on the 11th of January, Oceantopia on the 15th, and Winthrop on the 22nd. The province of Ontario acquired a new town,“PLEASE WELCOME THE TOWN OF NORTHBERRY TO ONTARIO AND CASCADIA” announced Senator Cyberstorm. At the end of his January term, two provinces, Haida and Vanuatu joined Cascadia. Cascadia also constructed several sections of infrastructure, such as Jefferson Square and the Port Angeles/Astoria Ice Line. On the 31st, Estonian_Mapping made the secretary of recruitment a cabinet position, with Vorobyevite being the secretary. This would help increase the population of Cascadia.

War on Michigan

On the 25th of January, Virginia declared war on Michigan, bringing the American Order into a war with Michigan as well. Although Cascadia saw little to no action against Michigan, Ontario, which borders it, was threatened by the nation.

Battle of Ontario

On the 25th, the Cascadian Military was called to respond to an attack on the town of Northberry and Superior, Ontario. Several citizens from Mortician City, Zerena, raided the iceways between the two cities. 3-4 Ontario citizens were attacked by 2 Zerena soldiers. One of the soldiers, thecactusjarod, lured LawofRence and thebigjeff2111, the two responding Cascadian soldiers called by Governor Cyberstorm. The Zerena soldiers employed TNT warfare and melee criticals to kill the Ontario defenders, and knocking the others into the water, and quickly dispatching them. Eventually, the united Cascadian and Ontario force outnumbered the opposing force, and they were pushed to Northberry, where HelloGaming123 and others were building. The Zerena citizens quickly retreated, using the highways to escape.

President Estonian_Mapping and the Cascadian soldiers communicated with thecactusjarod, and were told that they were using the highways for transport, although they had been carrying explosives. Estonian_Mapping retrieved the armor that was lost by the Cascadian military. Final casualties were 3 Cascadian soldiers to 1 Zerena citizen.

February Crisis & Civil War

The Washington Split

Due to growing tensions between the President of Cascadia, Estonian_Mapping, and former President and Governor of Washington, BonZZil, the province of Washington left the Republic of Cascadia to join the Republic of the Rio Grande on February 6, 2020. What followed was a brief moment of anxiety within the state government that Washington would be on the attack. Though the government decided to keep a level head the province of Ontario called for war against the Rio Grande. Their refusal to listen to the state government led to their departure from Cascadia. Ontario has requested to rejoin Cascadia however, the Senate has refused them until the Civil War has ended. BonZzil has since claimed that Estonian_Mapping "insisted on making government problems personal" and that he was still loyal to Cascadia, leading him to attack citizens of Salish, which he saw as "lying usurpers" as he said in an EMC Live interview.

Ontario Successor

On the 7th of February, 2020, Governor Cyberstorm of Ontario declared that he would be passing on his leadership to President Estonian_Mapping, leading to the presidency passing on to Vice President LawofRence. This caused some controversy among senators as the passing on of the Presidency was undemocratic and did not adhere to the Constitution. Eventually, this led to the succession of the Salish Federation.

Cascadian Civil War

The Salish Federation Secession

On the 9th of February, 2020 communications between town leaders were leaked by KingBerman after the controversy of LawofRence's Presidency, and the towns involved seceded from Cascadia to form a new nation, The Salish Federation. The Salish Federation has claimed it was created in response to interference in the Cascadian democratic system by former and foreign members, along with a failure of effective governance within the Presidential administration. They were quickly denounced by the Government as traitors and charged with treason, a charge which was originally intended to be tried by a tribunal. Most of the players that were charged with treason outright refused to participate in a trial, including the highest-ranking leaders of the revolt. The leak led to the Salish Federation seceding in revolt with a total of six active towns and two separate nations, beginning an ongoing conflict to current time that has come to be known as the Salish-Washington War. Shortly afterward, the Cascadian Province of Haida, which had just been re-admitted to Cascadia less than a week earlier, also declared independence in solidarity with the Salish Federation. 

Escalation of Conflict

Soon after the secessions of the Salish Federation & Haida, BonZZil, leader of Washington, which had declared independence on its own earlier in the week started attacking Salish, sometimes accompanied by others, most often alone. While there has been no publicly stated motive for the original skirmishes between Salish and Washington, it has been suggested that BonZZil had intentions of expanding Washington into territory now held by the Salish Federation.

Salish & Washington continually exchanged skirmishes throughout the early days of the conflict. A major escalation occurred on 19 February when Haidan forces were detected by Cascadian government reconnaissance mining the border of the Salish Federation & Washington. Internal confusion led to the belief within the Cascadian government that Haidan forces were mining roads with military offensive intent against Cascadia. After being asked if he had approved the mining of Cascadian roads, Salish President Vorobyevite claimed such actions were not taken against Cascadia. When a screenshot containing Vorobyevite allowing OreoToast to place mines on the border were leaked, Salish said that it was fair game if the mines were not in the Cascadian border. It was later confirmed that no mines were placed in Cascadian claims, or with intent to take offensive action against Cascadia. However, some mines were found by the Moscow Temple, a Cascadian national monument, but it is unclear who placed these mines by the temple.

The mining incident had wide-reaching negative public press within Cascadia. Many members of the public reacted strongly to the initial news of Cascadia potentially being dragged into the ongoing conflict. It was widely believed that the government's response to the incident would have reverberating effects on the election held at the end of February. 

The civil war continued to escalate as February came to an end with the first full-blown battle between the armed forces of Salish & Washington occurring on 26 February.

Russian Coalescence

On February 25th, Commie Queen offered to join Cascadia to aid its stability. He offered four conditions, several of which were denied, but he joined with the province of the USSR and Greater Russia anyways. This decision nearly doubled the citizens under the Cascadian rule.

March Turmoil

Gold Disappearance

At the end of Estonian_Mapping's term, he left EarthMC altogether, leaving the rule of his many discords and the Cascadian capital of Astoria to his friends and associates. His Vice President, LawofRence was given control of the nation. He discovered that all the gold from the national bank, numbering at the time about 700. After some investigation, Mihailovic discovered that Estonian_Mapping had withdrawn it all before leaving, using around 200 of it to add to Astoria claims. He said that all the gold in the bank was raised by him. A proposal was passed shortly thereafter, preventing the withdrawal of such large amounts of gold. 

UnbentGODFATHER's Presidency

After UnbentGODFATHER was elected president in a tight race, he declared that the Cascadian Community would be reviving a long-standing tradition, Fan Fic Friday. Incarnation__ was invited to join Astoria, and brought a beacon with him. He completely redid Astoria, excavating new plots, building a library, residential apartments, an art museum, a Catholic Church, and replacing the government building

Continued Cascadian Civil War escalation & Cascadian nonintervention

As the conflict between the Salish Federation & Washington continued, outside attention became more and more abundant. The Salish Federation & Haida garnered the support of the entirety of California by early March, along with the NATO alliance, forming a separate organization known as the Sunset Confederation. A second full-scale battle occurred between the Sunset Confederation & Washington, supported by NATO and the Rio Grande Republic respectively, throughout the Californian eastern frontier.

As the second week of March began, the diplomatic situation of the civil war became more and more complex, and the newly elected President, unbentGODFATHER made a statement of neutrality, stating that the Republic of Cascadia's government forces would not intervene in the ongoing civil war.

The Decline of Population

Unfortunately, on the 18th of March Cascadia, the nation lost its Realm status, and reverted to being an Empire. Prominent and populous towns like Port Angeles reverted to village status, as many citizens of Estonian_Mapping's January metropolis were kicked for inactivity. Astoria lost Hack3rmann and other citizens, and it lost its large town status. MPCity, fell altogether, being inactive for several weeks already.

Griefing of British Columbia

On the 3rd of March, a skirmish broke out in Lower Mainland between members of the Republic of the Rio Grande and TheRealJewy, with TNT involved. Two members of the Salish Federation were also present, but they were only there to investigate. Some unknown factor turned explosions on in the town, even though permissions were set with explosions off, and Manoia not been on since the 2nd. The beacon and the storage rooms were obliterated, and even though the beacon was retrieved by an Admin, the chests were never restored.

British Columbian Reorganization

After getting his town griefed, Governor Manoia attempted to move his nation, but accidentally unclaimed his town in the process. He decided to leave and sell British Columbia. Manoia received offers as high as 600 gold, but decided he would rather a Cascadian rule it, so decided on a 128 gold offer from Cascadia, using some of the 500 gold that LawofRence donated previously that day. After this deal was made, Advisor LawofRence was dispatched to govern British Columbia so President UnbentGodfather could return to Astoria.

Revival of Olympia

After a period of inactivity by SpleenBeaned, mayor of Olympia, he finally returned. He proceeded to hand over the rule of Olympia to Estonian_Mapping, who had also returned. It would continue to be active to some extent after this transfer.


Cascadia is a Democratic Republic with three branches of government, an Executive, Legislative, and Judaical branch. The Executive branch of the government consists of the President, Vice President, and the Cabinet, which consists of various appointed Secretaries to their respective Departments, that oversee the day-to-day operation of the Cascadian government.

The Legislative branch consists of the Senate, which votes on proposals and laws which are either implemented or rejected.

The Judaical Branch is the Supreme Court, consisting of a Governor from each Cascadian Province.

The major departments of Cascadia include, but vary depending on administration:

  • Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Department of Development (DODE)
  • Department of Intelligence (DOI)
  • Department of Recruitment (DOR)
  • Department of Parks and Recreation (DOPR)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA)


The Department of Defense (DOD) is run by the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Defense also holds the highest rank in the military. Following the Secretary of Defense, the ranks of the military follow down in order:

  1. General
  2. Commander
  3. Soldiers
  4. Recruits

Recruits are a member of the military who has no experience, they learn the basics of each platoon then are assigned by their General to a platoon. Once Recruits has learned the essentials of the military, they will automatically be promoted to Soldiers. A Soldier's duty is to obey orders of their Commanders on the battlefield or on training operations. Once Soldiers are promoted to Commander, they begin to hold the reigns of leadership over a platoon. The duties of a Commander include: Leading their platoon in battle or training operations, tracking the accomplishments of their Soldiers, and being informed by Generals of what their objectives are for a mission. A Commander will remain as such until selected by the Secretary of Defense to be promoted to a General. A General's duties include: Collaborating with the Secretary of Defense in executing military objectives, determining consequences for insubordinate behavior, constructing weekly training operations, and coordinating troops in times of war. The duties of the Secretary of Defense include being the representative of the Cascadian volunteer army. Manage the recruitment of military personnel, and fill the roles of the three essential units: Infantry, Artillery, and Reconnaissance. Establish and maintain weekly and routine military training exercises to uphold a strong defense. Provide the Senate with estimations for military spending. Be the holder of funds provided to spend on the military and ensure that the funds are spent accordingly to the orders of the Senate. Advise the President and Senate on matters of national security. Ensure that all towns are guaranteed equal protection by the military. Appoint Commanders to become Generals.

The military will be completely made of volunteers and all military operations will be optional for Soldiers to attend, however, when in attendance of a military operation all military personnel will obey only the orders of their superiors and will only act by their will. Any error in obeying commands will result in that Soldier facing repercussions as their General sees fit. These repercussions include but are not limited to demotion in rank, withdrawal/temporary suspension from the military, or alternative repercussions.


  • National Senate
  • Cubagon
  • The Columbia River
  • Olympic Mountain Range
  • San Juan Island Lighthouse
  • Port Angeles Historical District
  • Sunnyville Museum and Art Exhibit
  • Moscow Sand Temple

Presidents of Cascadia

The following list is of the presidents of Cascadia.

Discord Name Dates
RangerMK01 Dec 11 - Dec 31, 2018
RangerMK01 Jan 1 - Feb 31, 2019
Firechemeleon13 Mar 1 - Apr 31, 2019
Commie Queen Apr 1 - May 31, 2019
RangerMK01 May 1 - May 20, 2019
KingBerman May 20 - Jun 1, 2019
UroTheGluton Jun 2 - Jun 3, 2019
OreoToast Jun 3 - Jun 30, 2019
The_Lone_Sp3rm July 1 - July 23, 2019
Mihailovic July 24 - July 31, 2019
Aegis100 Aug 1 - Aug 14, 2019
The_Lone_Sp3rm Aug 15 - Aug 17, 2019
OreoToast Aug 18 - Aug 31, 2019
BonZZil Sept 1 - Oct 31, 2019
Unbated Aura Nov 1 - Nov 30, 2019
Barbay1 Dec 1 - Dec 20, 2019

Dec 20 - Dec 28, 2019

Estonian_Mapping Dec 28 - Jan 28, 2019
Estonian_Mapping Jan 28 - Feb 7, 2020
LawofRence Feb 7 - Feb 7, 2020
Estonian_Mapping Feb 7 - Feb 29, 2020
LawofRence Feb 29 - Feb 29, 2020
UnbentGODFATHER March 1 - Present

Notable People

Some important members of the nation historically or currently

  • RangerMK01
    • Founder of Cascadia
    • Currently (as of 9/3/20) runs a major shop in another town
  • Incarnation
    • Significantly politically and socially influential in Cascadia throughout the majority of its lifespan
    • Lead a revolt during a constitutional crisis
  • Silent_Dirt
    • Significantly politically and socially influential in Cascadia throughout the majority of its lifespan
  • ThinkGeek
    • Significantly politically and socially influential in Cascadia throughout the majority of its lifespan
  • Code456
    • Founded Port Angeles, one of Cascadia's largest towns
  • The_Lone_Sp3rm
    • Significantly politically and socially influential in Cascadia throughout the majority of its lifespan
  • Banthos
    • Very active as mayor of Olympia, encouraged town growth
  • Estonian_Mapping
    • Former president for two terms, helped expand the nation and grow town populations
  • Mihailovic
    • Held several government positions over various months, former president, influential Cascadian
  • Barbay1
    • Well known for running the Cascadian overseas territory of Bhutan for the majority of its lifespan
  • SpleenBeaned
    • Mayor of Olympia, helped it grow and continue after Banthos left
  • Pieguy75
    • Master of wood sales, all things melon and logs
  • Hack3rmann
    • Was well known for running a pub in Astoria. 
  • OreoToast
    • Well known for being significantly politically influential in Cascadia during the summer of 2019
      • One of the authors of the first edition of the Constitution of Cascadia
    • Only moderator to ever be demoted for doing too good of a job
  • LawofRence
    • Has been emergency President too many times
    • Influential figure in Cascadian politics and Government
  • BonZzil
    • Well known for having one of Cascadia's largest museums of unique items, banners & map art
    • Well known for being the leader of one of Cascadia's main integral nations before the civil war
  • Cyberstorm
    • Governer of Ontario, helped it grow and expand
  • imabritishcow
    • Major merchant and owner of multiple Cascadian territories.
  • Beepsky
    • Expanded Cascadia by creating Wyoming
  • KingBerman
    • Former president, has held various positions in government over various months


The Capital District

The Capital District is Cascadia's first, and largest Province by size and population. It contains the capital of Astoria, and Cascadia's second-largest city, Port Angeles.

Towns in the Capital District:

  • Astoria
  • Port Angeles
  • Olympia
  • Sunnyville
  • Salem
  • Vancouver
  • Autumnshire
  • Greater Victoria
  • Calgary
  • Eureka
  • Calvert Islands
  • Zyllama
  • Spokane Valley
  • Portland
  • Cormorant Alpha
  • Fair Harbor
  • Sugarcane
  • ChurchofMelon


The Province of Bhutan is Cascadia's first province in Asia with its capital of Tiger's Nest.

Towns in Bhutan:

British Columbia

The Province of British Columbia joined the Cascadian Republic with its capital of Lower Mainland.

Towns in British Columbia:

  • Lower Mainland

Greater Russia

The Province of Greater Russia joined on Feburary 25th, as a part of the USSR. It is governed by 'Blyatman' Karatoss.

Towns in Greater Russia:

  • Chernobyl
  • Volgograd
  • Exclusion Zone
  • Boratiti
  • Novocherkassk
  • Balakovo
  • Kostrama
  • JupiterEstate
  • Volinsk
  • EndCraft
  • RussianEmpire
  • Stavropol
  • Kostroma


The Province of USSR joined Cascadia on Feburary 25th. Commie Queen, previously a Cascadian president, now rules the province.

Towns in Greater Russia:

  • Moscow City
  • Kazan
  • Ozerlag
  • Basendon
  • Zelenograd
  • Kirov
  • GreyGoose


The Province of Yukon is near the nation of Haida, located on the shores of the West Coast. Yukon's capital is run by Imabritishcow, with it also being the home of his multi-nation business, PC Express.

Towns in Yukon:

  • _
  • Event Space
  • Fort_Navington


The Province of Vanuatu is the farthest province from the Cascadian Capital and was governed until recently by Ka9l. Now it is governed by Prince Juuulsturull.

Towns in Vanuatu:

  • New-Tallinn


The Province of Wyoming is governed by Beepsky, and was founded on February 10th, 2019. It's capital city, Fort Ggovi, references the infamous player GGOVI.

Towns in Wyoming:

  • Fort Ggovi

Former Territories



Map of Cascadia (up to date as of 9 December 2019)


Battle of Astoria, 13th of December 2019.

2019 1213 Battle

Republic Day Celebration on 15th of December, 2019 (for December 11th, 2019, 1 year anniversary).

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