On the evening of 23 August 2019, the elected government of the Republic of Cascadia was overthrown by users wishing to establish Cascadia as an empire. The primary Cascadian discord was re-organized to fit the empire's standards and some roles where deleted and re-organized. Reaction from the republican government was not immediate. Cascadia split shortly after into two factions, one supporting the coup d'etat and the establishment of an empire, and the other supporting the democratically elected republican government. A new discord server was established by the republican government. Neither side currently has any substantial claim to authority and a large power vacuum has come to exist within the Cascadian polity.

No deaths have resulted directly from this crisis.

The republican government issued a standing order that if the empire's government stood down from making claims to power, and restored the state of the discord server to what it was previously, that it would stand down.

The crisis came to an end on 25 August 2019 with the restoration of the Republic of Cascadia as the original discord.

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