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EPRA/People's Republic of
Coat of Arms
National emblem EPRA 2.png
Work in Progress
National Information
Full Name VR KAPSK
National Anthem "Auferstanden aus Ruinen"
Name in Towny Casey
Motto Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch!
Population ± 20
Chunks 183
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Capital City Mossow
Largest City Mossow
Oldest City
Established 2020-02-22
Government Information
Leader Diamant.png DiamantAxt9494
Prime Minister Supreme Chancellor:

Bärbel.png MisterRobTob

Prime Minister:


Political System Multy Party System
Economic System Commune.jpg Socialism
Official Language Drapeau germanophonie.jpg German

Englishflag.jpg English

French.png French

Official Religion Bruhboxism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

The People's Republic of KAPSK (Towny: Casey; German: Volksrepublik KAPSK; rarer: Kasei) is a nation in the Antarctic and an Autonomous Province of the EPRA. It's a nation with mainly German speakers. The nation is ruled by DiamantAxt9494. Nevertheless, the nation manages to inspire others in determination, as KAPSK was created as the result of months of grueling hard work from Diamant's part. The capital, that's also the largest town, is Mossow.

KAPSK runs on Diamant's interpretation of Communism, an economic system where private property only partially exists (please refer to the constitution of KAPSK). This, however, is not the case anymore following the "communisation" of the country. Twelve times a year there are elections.


This represents the KAPSK-Antarcitcan History since 22nd February 2020; please refer to Mossow for earlier History.

Official creation of KAPSK (22nd February 2020)

On 22nd February 2020 Diamant voted and had now 989 G in the town bank. About an hour later a player named Knightof_Cydonia messaged Diamant saying that he saw Mossow being really close to creating a nation and him wanting to donate the remaining 35G in exchange for an embassy plot. 35G were donated short after, Mossow left the nation A.A.T and KAPSK was created. The following hours KAPSK was flooded with ally requests and many people visited Mossow.

Zwiebel Wars (23rd February – Summer 2020)

As a result of xXZwiebelSlayerX Diamant declared war on Uzbekistan. On 25th February _Rilex_ left Mossow and created New Snork which joined KAPSK. In the following month many battles happened. Notably the Battles of Mossow and New Snork. On 8th April Spitzhacke10000 briefly became Nation Leader due to Diamant being resetted after not logging on for 4 days. Later that day Diamant became Kaiser again. Since 9th April everyone in KAPSK, being annoyed by not being able to go outside claims safely, became inactive for the following months. Zwiebel went inactive somewhere in Summer 2020 which marks the end of the Zwiebel Wars.

Conversion to absolute communism (14th September 2020 - 1st October 2020)

On 14th September 2020 DiamantAxt9494 announced in the nation's Discord Server that many things will change:

  • The ideology would change from a communist similarity sharing monarchy to a One-Party-System With Participation Opportunities
  • The nation would be renamed from Kommunistisch-Antarktisch-Pazifisch Sovietkolonie (KAPSK) to Volksrepublik der Kommunistisch-Antarktisch-Pazifischen Sowjetkolonie (VR KAPSK); adding Volksrepublik (People's Republic) and turning Kommunistisch-Antarktisch-Pazifisch Sovietkolonie into Genetive
  • The role of Kaiser (Emperor) would now change it's name to Generalsekretär der Kommunistischen Partei (General Secretary of the Communist Party), Generalsekretär or just G.-Sekr. for short
  • Laws like the Kapitalisierungsgesetz (Capital Law) or the Itemprivatbesitzlegalisierungsgesetz respectively Itemprivatbesitzillegalisierungsgesetz (Law for legalization of private possessions respectively Law for illegalization of private possessions) were changed

High and Low (2nd October 2020 – 3rd March 2021)

On 2nd October DiamantAxt9494 joined EMC back having lots of plans, which he started working on immediately. Everything worked perfectly for the next days until Diamant executed a house searcht in _Rilex_'s house due to suspected tax evasion. There he found 960G stored in a chest. These were confiscated immediately and Chancellor _Rilex_ was fired. _Rilex_ however still had perms to access the nation bank so he stole these 960G. Diamant kicked New Snork out of the Nation and from that point everything went downhill. KAPSK had nothing. No gold, no possibility to buy goods. They were unable to trade. However after days of being lucky at votecrates and mining exessively Diamant managed to get the Nation bank all the way up to 400G by the 3rd of March 2021. wip

Commerce (4th March 2021 – 31st March 2021)

On 4th March the first shop in Rigy opened, this area would later become the south pole market. Lead by the then Minister of Finance yankees88888g. He raised the gold of KAPSK and its companies, have neared 700 gold by March 17th; gaining 280 gold in 2 weeks. This would make the citizens of KAPSK to vote yankees88888g for Prime Minister on the March elections. The gold however never ended up in the nation bank. On 22th March KAPSK hit a claimed area of 100 chunks. On March 31st the South Pole Market Affair occured, which led to Rigy secceeding from KAPSK.

National subdivisions

Mainland KAPSK is divided into following Rural Districts ("Bezirk"), Municipalities ("Kommune") and Independent Cities ("Kreisefreie Stadt"):

  • Mossau
  • Kommune Mossau
  • Kommune Ost-Snork
  • Bezirk Wittstock
  • Bezirk Karl-Marx-Tal
  • Bezirk Niedershrek
  • Kreisfreie Stadt Treeburg
  • Bezirk Ost-Dasko
  • Bezirk Neuschwabenland
  • Kommune Gansestadt
  • Bezirk Matesorr
  • Bezirk Tsabona und Franz-Josef-Land
  • Bezirk ImDoneWEarthMC

Each of these counties have their own flag and have somewhat different law, however this county-law musn't be in contradiction to the state law.


The KAPSK-Antarctic government is run by the KPdKAPSK (communist party) and a monthly elected party. The KPdKAPSK has much power however not infinite power. Occasionally there are debates in the KAPSK-parliament, the Reichstag. There, important laws are passed and other relevant decisions are settled in votes. In the Reichstag there is actually more than two party. Currently KAPSK has 5 parties. In Reichstag votes, the Supreme Chancellor and the General Secretary (both have to be in the KPdKAPSK) have right to veto, which secures the reign of Communism in KAPSK. The Reichstag is lead and regulated by the Supreme Chancellor. He has the power to express order calls (Ordnungrufe) and rebukes (Rügen). Three order calls lead to the exclusion of a politician from the current Reichstag session. Every month there will be a vote where the people vote for a party. The Leader of the winning party becomes the Prime Minister of KAPSK. After every vote the seats in the Reichstags are reallocated. The winning party gets any amount of necessary seats for every politician there is in the party. The rest of the seats are being divided among the other parties based on the percentage they have achieved in the election. The Prime Minister's Task is to pass the people's wills to the Supreme Chancellor who evaluates these and passes them on again to the General Secretary of the KPdKAPSK which is the Leader of KAPSK. He has the most power in all of KAPSK. The General Secretary appoints the Supreme Chancellor and the Prime Minister. The catch with the Prime Minister having to be appointed is that the General Secretary has the power to deny the vote result and revoke the claim to the Prime Minister of the winning party leader. He can also dissolve the current Reichstag and call re-elections at any time. Once the Reichstag is elected, the General Secretary appoints the Ministers.

Current Gouvernment

→ Main Article: DiamantAxt9494
Casey's current Gouvernment is Leader DiamantAxt9494 with his cabinet Diamant V.

Diamant V
# Office Chairman Party Took office Left office
1 Leader DiamantAxt9494 KPdKAPSK 2 April 2021 Incumbent
2 Supreme Chancellor MisterRobTob KPdKAPSK 2 April 2021 Incumbent
3 Prime Minister Jojo_Berlin KPdKAPSK 2 April 2021 Incumbent
4 Ministry for State Security FKHH73 Linke 2 April 2021 Incumbent
5 Ministry for Foreign Affairs MisterRobTob KPdKAPSK 2 April 2021 Incumbent
6 Ministry of Defense MisterRobTob KPdKAPSK 2 April 2021 Incumbent
7 Colonial Minister FKHH73 Linke 2 April 2021 Incumbent

National Heroes

  • Spitzhacke10000: Founding Father of KAPSK, who was notably involved in the gathering of the Gold needed for its creation. (Declared National Hero on March 9th 2021)
  • BussyForeigner: A resident of Rigy, who showed support to KAPSK in the South Pole Market Affair. On 1st April 2021 he messaged Diamant, that he would quit the server and left all of his belongings in a chest, free for the people of KAPSK. On the very same day he was declared National Hero by Diamant. Players can look at his armour in the Reichstag to this day.
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